Tips on Starting Your Own Laundry Business

Starting a laundry business is not an easy venture as there’s a lot to consider such as the type of laundry service that you want to enter into. For example, a coin operated laundry establishment will cost a lot at first as you’ll have to purchase the building along with appropriate machines however once they’re up and running they don’t really cost anything in terms of time. A dry cleaning business on the other hand costs time and money in both respects because you not only have to invest in the equipment but you also need to employ a team to run the business as well. The other option would be a home laundry business which generally requires a lot of time rather than any other out goings.

laundry business idea
photo credit: Erik J. Gustafson via photopin cc

After you’ve determined the type of business that you want to run you need to make sure you have an establishment to run it from and have the relevant licences that you need to be able to run a laundry business. The relevant licences depend entirely on the business you’re operating but even if you’re running it from your home there are licenses and tax implications that you need to abide by.

As long as you’re not running a home laundry service a premises for your dry cleaning or coin operated laundry business is required and will have to be purchased. When starting a business like this it’s essential for you to be in the centre of the public action so that you have more chance of being successful. If there’s been a laundry business in the area previously then it might be worth taking a look at their premises because the likelihood is that they will still have a number of appliances installed that you can make use of. This is a great way to save some money and make sure you’re opening your business in the right spot in town.

The next thing to think about is the equipment; when starting up a business you want to be successful which is why it’s essential to turn to professional suppliers when looking for your commercial laundry equipment.

Buying commercial laundry equipment is not as simple as buying a domestic washing machine or dryer because the demand for them is so much higher. Commercial equipment has a lot more to cope with so the cheapest models generally won’t do. Although there’s no need to go for the most expensive models it’s essential that the machines will do everything you need them to. If you’re opening a coin operated launderette for example then you need to know all about the auto dosing systems for detergents as well as how the coin operating systems work because you don’t want to open a business that shouldn’t require a lot of time if you’re going to be getting maintenance phone calls because the machines don’t work.

When you’re shopping for your equipment you should make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for so that you can obtain help from assistants who will be a lot more useful if you can tell them exactly what you’re looking for and what the machines will be used for.

About the Author: Hilary Maynard opened a launderette last year and buys all of her auto dosing supplies from OPL Ltd – Auto Dosing Systems.