5 Famous Home Improvement Entrepreneurs

5 Famous Home Improvement Entrepreneurs

The home improvement industry is filled with entrepreneurs who have revolutionized the way that people work around the house. Certain people have dedicated careers to a business that improves the way that people fix things or upkeep the house. Here are five famous home improvement entrepreneurs who have made contributions to this area.

Mike Holmes: Holmes on Homes

Mike Holmes
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Mike Holmes, a Canadian contractor, began a life in the construction field at six years old. By age 19, he began his first contracting business. By 21, he founded his own company for renovation. In 2006, he began the Holmes Foundation. This organization encourages youth to enter the home improvement field and help others who have suffered at the hands of poor renovations. He has participated in numerous television shows and wrote two books to guide a home buyer.

Without his efforts as an entrepreneur, many buyers and sellers would be clueless about bad business practices. He has also given people many tips about the right way to begin a home improvement project.

Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank

bernie marcus arthur blank
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These two gentlemen were the entrepreneurs who began The Home Depot empire. They began with a vision of a one stop store that provides supplies for DIY projects. The first two stores were introduced in 1979. From the beginning, employees offered top quality service and guidance throughout a wide variety of home improvement tasks. Every associate is trained and stores offer customer clinics for common DIY tasks. These two men changed the world of home improvement by bringing tools and education to customers at a low price. The mission statement developed by Marcus and Blank gives customers a wide assortment of products at affordable prices, along with a trained sales team. They have put people ahead of products and the business continues to grow. They also give back to the community as well.

Otho Behr Jr.: Top Quality Paint Products

behr paint
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Otho Behr Jr. is the man who began the Behr Paint Company. What started as a man selling paint from the back of his car, has ended as one of the most well known paint brands in the world. Because of demand for high durability on different types of wood, he teamed with his chemist father to create a clear finish and stain that was revolutionary in the 1940s. By 1986, the business expanded and began to offer a wide variety of both interior and exterior paint products. All of the items are affordable and provide quality results. Paint projects are extremely simple due to the Behr name. The brand is now exclusively found at The Home Depot.

James Dyson: Revolutionized Vacuuming

sir james dyson
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Sir James Dyson invented a bagless vacuum cleaner, which uses cyclonic action to separate and eliminate dirt. He began his vacuum vision in the 1970s with the aim of creating a product that would not lose suction like similar vacuum units. The “G-Force” was his first prototype. After being turned away by major manufacturers, Dyson began his own company. By 2005, his success grew as Dyson became the leading vacuum seller on the market. Consumers loved the idea that messy bags no longer were needed to collect dirt from carpets. Dyson expanded his line and developed a washing machine, hand dryer, and a fan without outside blades. The Dyson empire continues to grow from his entrepreneurial spirit.

The above men have all played key roles in the home improvement industry. They are just a few people who had determination to make life better around the home. They have paved the way for others with creativity and who wish to introduce new ideas as well.

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