Thinking About a Career Change? 5 Ways to Know You are Ready

There aren’t many people in the world who haven’t gone through more than a handful of jobs in their lives, but not many go through several careers. A career is meant to be a part of our lives, and you’re not likely to simply wake up one day with the inclination to change it unless you’ve put an abundance of thought into the decision. Still, this can be a risky and life-altering move, so it’s essential to make sure that you’re really ready for the transition.

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1. Your Opinion Is Seconded

One of the best ways to know that you’re ready is to get a second opinion. This second opinion shouldn’t be from a friend or family member; they’re likely to agree with whatever you say. Professionals such as life or business coaches, however, can give an informed third-party opinion on the matter. They can help a person recognize whether or not they’re ready to move on, and if they’re not, the coach can even help them get to that point.

2. Your Skills Don’t Match You

If you’ve become exceptionally well rounded at doing a job that you simply couldn’t care less about, it’s very likely that you’re ready for a career change. Far too many people have the unhappy realization that they’ve taught themselves to become great at things that they hate. It’s necessary to recognize that, in the long run, this is quite unhealthy; and if this is the position you’ve put yourself in, it’s time for some serious reflection.

3. Your Salary Isn’t Worth It

There’s no doubt that everyone has done jobs that they can’t stand. In reality, many people end up in careers that give them the same exact feeling. As many people point out, however, the money is sometimes worth it. Once the salary and other compensation for doing a job becomes not worth it, however, it could be a sign that you’re ready to move on.

4. Your Health is Suffering

If your body is starting to continuously give up on you through exhaustion or illness, you may not only want a new career; you may honestly need one. Work environments that consistently keep you stressed or depressed are going to result in physical symptoms. If this is becoming the case, you may be ready to move on if for nothing more than to maintain the quality of your health.

5. Your Talents Are Underutilized

While there’s no doubt that the feeling that you’re being underutilized in your current job is cause for reconsideration, it’s often enough to simply move into a higher position in the same career. If, however, you’re consistently sitting back and thinking “I deserve so much better” or “I could be doing so much more with this”, then you’ve likely hit the point where you can move on. If it’s not just your talents, but also you yourself, that’re being underutilized, you definitely deserve bigger things.

Everyone should understand that a career change is a huge commitment, but this shouldn’t scare them away from the prospect. If a certain career isn’t right for you, it’s simply not right for you, and nothing is going to change that. If you’re considering a career change, the big question isn’t whether or not you want the change, the real question is whether or not you’re ready for it. If, after thinking about the aforementioned considerations, you feel that you’re ready, then it may be time to make the move.


About the Author:

Bethany Gillis offers this article to those who are seeking direction in their career decisions. She herself has had to make tough career choices and has found the above information to be of personal help.