From Location to Catering Staff: How to Organise The Perfect Promo Event

Whether you are launching a brand new product or a brand new business, there’s no better way to get the word out than to organise an exciting promo event. As the style and manner of these sorts of events can often make or break the launch of a new venture, it’s crucial to get everything perfect.

promo event
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So, here’s a quick guide to the most important aspects of your launch.

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As with all things in life, location is crucial. If it is too far out of the way then your event may well remain empty, too central and you could see your exclusive evening ruined by opportunistic gatecrashers.

The best way to choose a location is to think about where most of your guests will be coming from and pick somewhere roughly in the middle. You may also want to consider how easily catering staff can reach you.


Once you’ve secured a location, you need to think carefully about the setting. How you dress the venue will make a huge difference to people’s perception of the event, so try to put as much time and effort into it as possible.

Ideally the decorations and features should reflect the product or business that you’re launching, and together they should create a real impact for when guests walk through the door.

You should also consider your own attire if you intend to be a prominent figure of the event. If you want to let someone else take care of the hosting duties so you can focus on other aspects of the preparation then hiring event hostesses is a great option and you can be sure they’ll dress appropriately.


With the rise of the celebrity chef and an increased awareness of what is good cooking, food has become an increasingly important part of our social and business occasions.

It’s therefore highly recommended to hire catering staff to prepare and serve a few gastronomic delights but make sure that you go to a reputable company to ensure quality and good service.

If you hire

catering staff with a poor attitude or inadequate training, it could detract from the overall look of your event so always opt for a professional outfit. If you would like to find out more about competitive rates when hiring catering staff then LOLA Events is an ideal option. You can request a quote with them here.


Just like food, drink has started taking on a more central role in many events, with ‘mixologists’ and other drink experts now all the rage.

So why not treat your guests to a specialist cocktail or two, with alcohol-free versions for those who prefer? This will help to make them feel special and add a touch of glamour to your promo event – especially if served by your professional catering staff.

Planning a product or business launch can be stressful, but it can also be very exciting. It represents a great opportunity to use creativity and imagination to organise an event your guests will remember for years, and hopefully give your new venture a huge boost in the process!

About the Author: This article is provided by Ginnie Richards