3 Fresh Ideas for Corporate Event Venues

Corporate events can be interesting and informative, but they aren’t necessarily always fun or creative. While there is work to be done and strategies to develop — as well as networking to indulge in — that doesn’t mean your event venue has to be drab or hosted in the same ordinary places of the past. Why not change things up a bit?

Here are several suggestions for booking future corporate events in fresh, new places that will make your corporate colleagues sit up and take notice.

vineyard corporate event venue
Booking a vineyard for your next event will make a sweet impression on your employees.
Photo credit: JMaz Photo

Give Your Team a Sweet Taste of Success

Vineyards usually have a host of activities you can book for your group or team. They also have guest accommodations for all types of events, from weddings to corporate meetings.

If you work in a food- or hospitality-related industry, booking a vineyard for your next corporate event would fit in well with your company’s overall business theme. Contact the guest relations office or director of marketing at a chosen vineyard and begin planning a creative executive meeting that will feature a tour of the vineyard, as well as a special tasting and presentation. The resulting corporate event will be sure to remain one of the most unique and memorable outings you and your team have ever hosted.

log cabin corporate event venue
photo credit: Al_HikesAZ

Build Your Team’s Productivity — and Stamina!

Corporate team-building events are popular for a reason. They assist in strengthening cohesion among coworkers and colleagues.

For your next corporate event, why not book a camping resort by the lake so you can plan daily physical activities — with trust-building exercises included — followed by business workshops or seminars at night? Being stuck in a cubicle-filled office for most of the year can often isolate people and reduce their enthusiasm.

By using a camping resort with lodges and cabins as the foundation of your next event, you will reinforce the bonds between workers and management, allowing the human side of business to take center stage. Concentrating on the human element is not just an excellent tactic for your employees, but it also tends to stay with them and can help enhance how they deal with current and future clients.

Book a Corporate Cruise

If you want to get off land and into a whole different atmosphere, consider hiring a boat for your next corporate event. A boating excursion can prove to be not only relaxing, but will stir those creative ideas as well. Design a nautical atmosphere and encourage employees to dress for the occasion. While there will be plenty of time spent networking, brainstorming, and strategizing, in the evenings your business colleagues can indulge in socializing and relaxing out on the ocean at sunset.

The next time you are faced with organizing a corporate event, get creative. By using the ideas and suggestions above, you can develop a successful gathering that will ensure that not only will your business goals are met, but people will be talking about it for months to come.

About the Author: Bev Sninchak is a veteran freelance writer with 16 years of experience producing content for print and online publications. She is interested in many subjects, from mastering social media strategies to learning about biomedical innovators such as Lindsay Rosenwald.