How to Use the New Facebook for Business

Facebook for business is perhaps one of the best things that happened to business, particularly small businesses with limited means to get out there and make a mark. More so for big brands that are working towards reaching out to audiences across the globe in general and specific segments in particular.

The end of July 2013 saw the introduction of a new version of Facebook for Business . Over the next few months the company plans to see the site grow into the one stop shop for the news, information and inspiration that businesses can use to drive business results with Facebook.

facebook for business

Who is the new Facebook for Business for?

There’s something for everyone from small businesses to big agencies and brands.

Facebook for Business is currently available in US English, with a global release coming soon.

What can you do with the new Facebook for Business ?

Create Customers with a Neat Business Page

Your business page on Facebook is the world’s window in to what you do. Don’t just set up a page, work on making it informative and interesting. Let people know what you are about through crisp, basic information, a link to your website in the “about” section. A brief description of what you offer together with images and links to blog posts will help boost your page. Endorsements from satisfied customers go a long way in making an impact on target audiences.

Tip: If you add at least one category under which your age falls, it will be easier for people to find you!

Use Ad Manager Reports

Updates to Ads Manager Reports make them easier to use and more actionable.

There’s more advertising data available to help you better measure the effectiveness of your ads in real-time. Better ad metrics, effectively measuring reach, key and unique metrics like unique clicks, cost per unique click, people taking action work to your advantage. It is also possible to break down ad reports based on demographics and location.

You can also install a conversion tracking pixel on your website so you can track the number of people who click through from your Facebook Ad and buy something.

facebook for business
photo credit: Adam Fagen

Measure and Adapt Content

With Page Insights you can see which posts are getting the most likes, comment and shares. If you keep your eye on trends you will be able to create more compelling content. For a detailed look at page insights read my post on the topic here.

You can also test two different posts against one another. Facebook will automatically optimize your campaign so that more of your budget goes to the ad that’s performing the best, so make sure you design and implement a different campaign for different audiences.

Power of Images

Check out my post on image sizes for Facebook to learn more about how you can use cover photos, profile pictures and timeline photos to create maximum impact.

The new Facebook for Business is here. Are you ready to use its features to boost your business on the web?