Local Search Engine Marketing Tips and Advice

Internet provides a way to advertise your business, to reach your customers all over the world. However there are some companies or businesses that do not want to target the customers from all over the world. Instead, they want to target their own region customers. In this case, some meaningful local search marketing tips should use which help in getting traffic towards your site. In addition, it helps in getting your site in search results when local people are in need of your products or services.

local search marketing
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Some of the simple but useful local search marketing tips which you can use to take over to your region are:

  • List your business site into different local directories and local search engines. Search for local directories online that have provision of listing sites together with linking opportunities. This is the way which actually helps your local customers in reaching you.
  • List your website into those local directories which allow your customers to submit their reviews about your products or services. Encourage and promote your customers to give comments on your products or services on these directories in order to boost your local presence online. However, ensure that you don’t disobey the terms and conditions of these websites because some of these sites have stern rules regarding enticing customers for encouraging reviews.
  • One important thing that you should keep in mind is that most of the searches include location modifier which is attached to the query. By adding location modifier to your keywords you can display your site in search engine results whenever local customers are in need of your products or services. For an instance, you are a real estate agent in Los Angeles area then you should use the keywords like ‘real estate agent in Los Angeles’ or ‘commercial Los Angeles real estate agent’ etc. You should also make the use of these keywords in backlinks, website copy and title tags.
  • Your website should contain your mailing address. This helps in emphasizing your location and helps search engine to identify your location at the time of displaying your site in significant local searches. Try to put your address in header, footer and side bar of each of your web page. At least your address must be present on the contact page of your website.
  • If your site is targeting a range of locations then it is good to build landing pages for each region. This way you are able to target several keywords and boost your local occurrence online.
  • If you want to target those people that have IP address in your service area then you should geo-target your PPC campaign or ads.
  • Ensure that your profile is built in Yahoo Local, Bing Local and Google Places. Embellish your listings by adding relevant videos and photos which are tagged with proper keywords.

So these are some of the local search marketing tips that help you in targeting your local customers or dominating your own local backyard if you make use of them at the time of marketing your business online in your local region.

About the Author: Matthew Anton is the co-founder of BacklinksVault.com, a company specializing in SEO and Social Media services for over 8000 active businesses.