How the Cloud is Revolutionizing ERP Solutions

Cloud computing changes business IT and it shows no sign of slowing down. Big data, CRM, ERP – the list of systems positively impacted by the cloud goes on and on.

What makes cloud adoption appealing is the fact that the cloud break the limitations of conventional IT services. By removing the limitations of on-site hosting, providing limitless resources and providing cutting-edge technologies to businesses of all sizes, cloud services are revolutionizing the way that many businesses operate.

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According to a recent forecast review on public cloud services by Gartner, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service solutions are leading the cloud computing industry in growth with an expected spending increase of 17.7-percent from 2011 to 2016.

ERP and CRM Leading the Cloud Industry

Cloud-based suites, such as NetSuite Canada, are an ideal way to harness the power of the cloud to grow your business.

Cloud Computing, once seen as a jinx for ERP systems is now repelling the curse – it is now said to be responsible for better ERP management.

From cost savings to improved security, moving legacy on-site installations to cloud-based providers offers numerous benefits. Forbes recently predicted a continuing acceleration of cloud-based ERP and CRM subscriptions through 2016. As the market continues to expand globally and incorporate mobile practices, these trends are likely to increase.

Three Benefits of Transitioning to Cloud-Based ERP

1. Reduced Maintenance

Traditional on-site ERP suites require manual updates, data migration, server monitoring, integration with existing software and other IT intensive tasks. This results in an increase in expenses as the business grows and the system ages. NetSuite and other cloud-based ERP solutions allow businesses to leave these tasks to service provider and focus on running and growing their business.

2. Enhanced Security

Cloud-based ERP solutions are often hosted in secure data centers. From encryption and access restrictions to disposal of hardware and multi-factor authentication, leading service providers offer a wide range of security options to ensure that your sensitive data is secure. In many cases, these services are more affordable through a cloud subscription than if the business was to handle security on-site.

3. Greater Flexibility

Cloud computing offers a level of flexibility that on-site hosting is unable to match. Upgrading servers, adding modules or expanding services is often as simple as an email or phone call to your service provider. Most plans allow for dynamic scaling of services and hosting solutions to allow your ERP platform to grow with your business’ changing needs. Add in cross-platform support and mobile access and you have a suite that is ready for use on most devices around the world.


ERP and CRM solutions are popular ways to manage and optimize your business. With advanced in cloud computing, the popularity and flexibility of these tools is increasing. From small businesses to global corporations, NetSuite, and other cloud services, are changing the way that businesses operate.