What is Your Workplace Personality? Just Ask Good.co

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. Even if you are an independent business owner or solopreneur who likes to do it alone, you just can’t deny the fact that you somehow need to partner with others to get things done.

I am a solopreneur. My business consists of me, myself and I. However, I partner with fellow independent business owner and work with dozens of freelancers in getting things done. I can’t simply do things better without them; they are my team – although we are located in different cities and countries.

The good things are obvious: With team, we can achieve more. T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More.

However, we need to realize that forming a team is not easy. In my case, I have reshuffled and changed my team members quite often, trying to find the missing puzzle pieces. And I can assure you, it’s challenging. You might lose time and money along the way in your search.

The bottom line, you need tools to help you in your search. Of course, the good ol’ interview always work wonders. But you do need supporting tools to help you choose the right candidates, helping you see things unseen by interview alone.

I use a couple of tools in helping me search for the right partners, and I just added a new tool in my arsenal. It’s an interesting tool, helping me to understand my strengths and weaknesses.

Enter Good.co – a tool which helps you discovering your workplace personality type.

When I say ‘workplace’ it’s not all about working in an office for a boss. It refers to your relationship with your team members, as well as your best fit with your business culture. Yes, you can assume the role of an employee or a business owner.

Why the above is important? It’s simple: When you are compatible with your team members and organizational culture, it’s easier to get things done.

Getting started with Good.co

First of all, you need an invite. Don’t worry, I get mine in a couple of days so just have a go.

Once you get your code, you can start using Good.co. You can link Good.co with LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Then you connect with your LinkedIn account, which will help you in discovering people with similar personality as yours – more on this later; let’s carry on.

Next, you will need to answer a few questions which purpose it to explore your work personality. It’s an intuitive process – just slide to the most relevant answers to the questions, and you’re done.

Now here’s the fun part: Once the assessment is over (it just take seconds!) you will be presented with a well-laid-out page, showing you your strengths, unique archetype blend and organizational archetype. Here’s my Good.co strength card:

good.co strength card

Yes, indeed – I am a Strategist-Inventor-Idealist. And here’s the best-suited organizational archetype for me:

organizational archetype

Although I’m not sure I want to work in a Mountaineering Expedition, the business I run does surprisingly feel like one.

All I can say is the results are very accurate!

I’ve found my strengths – what next?

Knowing your strengths is nice and it does help you to understand yourself better, but Good.co is not for your ego :)

The initial assessment is just the tip of the iceberg. The interesting things will actually begin once you have the self-assessment. Here are some of the ways how Good.co can help you:

1. See how well you fit with your team and company’s culture

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, Good.co can show you how well you (will) work together with your team in your company. You can learn – visually – whether your personality is in tune with your team members’ and company’s.

Can you work well with a team member, or will the differences do your company harm in the future? Is your company you work for feels like home to you?

2. Connect with like-minded people

Ideally, connecting and partnering with someone who shares your personality archetype will be more fruitful than doing so with someone who has different personality.

Good.co shows you the LinkedIn users (who also use Good.co) who have good “FitScore” – Good.co metric to see whether someone is compatible with you, personality-wise. You will be recommended the right people to connect. This is a superb feature, letting you find highly-targeted future clients, partners and employees which share similar personality with you.

I don’t know how about you, but I personally want to deal with people who share my trait – it’s much easier for me to do so.

3. Look for jobs offering you the best culture

If you are planning to use Good.co for your career advancement, you are using the right tool. Good.co lets you explore companies based on their organizational archetypes and jobs based on your personality archetypes.

The same/similar archetypes indicate the compatibility between you and the jobs/companies. Obviously, you want to work in a company which shares your personality type – it will feel like home!


Well, with Good.co, you are in good company.

As a professional, the tool enhances your LinkedIn profile and together with your LinkedIn profile, your Good.co profile will make your resume looks good (not mentioning the trendy flat design they use – an eye candy!)

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Good.co helps you to laser-target your marketing efforts. Looking for a new team member or a partner for your new business venture? The tool can help you discover the hidden gems.

All in all, Good.co is a great tool to add in your arsenal. It’s free, easy to use and very useful in helping you discover the right people and companies – crucial in growing your professional or entrepreneurial career.

I strongly recommend you to try Good.co. When you already did, please share your experience with us!