In a Tough Economic Market, College Students Look for Jobs Today That Lead to Success Tomorrow

This fall, college students across the country are returning back to their classrooms after a long summer, eager to continue their quest towards higher education in hopes of graduating and scoring the ultimate dream job. However, the ultimate dream job is still merely a dream for many college students who are having difficulty navigating through the intensely competitive employment marketplace. College Pro, the largest mostly student-run painting company in North America, is proud to work with students, recent graduates and new entrepreneurs to help them acquire valuable career skills and experience – giving them the boost needed to confidently enter the workforce and achieve their own personal success.

college pro painters interns
photo credit: Gary Stevens

The success of College Pro Painters is based on the hard work and talent of new entrepreneurs who have excelled not only within the company, but also in their future careers as College Pro Painters alumni. College Pro Painters jobs are unique because they offer real-world business experience that is difficult to find in other entry-level jobs. The College Pro Painters internship program and the College Pro Painters franchise owner program are two great opportunities for people looking for exceptional leadership and management training.

Internships are a widely popular alternative for college students looking to break away from retail jobs and get a ‘leg-up’ in their desired industry. These programs provide new entrepreneurs exceptional leadership and skill development, training, coaching, and mentoring to ensure their success post-graduation. College Pro Painters jobs are flexible and require a time commitment comparable to a part-time job, student activities committee, varsity sports team during the winter and spring, or full-time work hours during the summer.

Specific skills you will learn from College Pro Painters jobs include, but are not limited to:

  • What it means to be a leader and boss
  • How to build and execute a marketing plan
  • How to manage financials
  • How to sell services to homeowners
  • How to select and hire employees
  • How to work with, influence, and communicate with all types of customers
  • How to effectively manage projects and time
  • How to be flexible and look for solutions to solve problems

The most important aspect of College Pro Painters’ success is that they offer valuable opportunities for internal growth within their company, something that is hard to find in many of the prospects available. Over one third of the franchise owners in the program continue with College Pro for at least a year, and College Pro looks to hire full-time positions directly from this group of experienced franchisees.

No matter where you want to go in life and your future career, College Pro Painters jobs can help you get there. The knowledge and experience acquired through their programs allow college students, recent graduates and new entrepreneurs to stand out in the competitive job market with proven skills in leadership, financial management, project management, marketing, sales, and effective communication.

To learn more about how College Pro creates practical jobs that lead to future success, visit and submit your application today.