How E-Commerce Can Help You to Promote Your Jewelry Designs

You all probably know that the internet is full of opportunities for jewelry designers that want to promote their work and break through with a small business of their own. Although the competition may be fierce, if you learn how to correctly use e-commerce platforms such as E-bay and Etsy, familiarize yourself with basic online promotion terms such as keywords, manage your online reputation correctly and conduct careful market research, you can definitely make it.

Let’s take a look at a few key points that will help you to promote your jewelry creations and get noticed online.

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Opening your Own Website vs. Using E-Commerce Platforms

Some beginners may think that opening their own website and placing their work for sale there will take care of all their marketing needs. In reality, opening your own website will be pretty useless unless you can get it to feature in search results. Jewelry is one of the most competitive markets online, so unless you have large amounts of money to spend on search engine optimization, it may be a better bet to promote your work via e-commerce platforms.

Using Key Words to Promote your Work

If you concentrate on a particular niche, let’s say “animal shaped wedding rings” then you have better chances of being featured on search results. This is true both for search engines and for e-commerce websites.

Both platforms aim to provide accurate search results for users. A person rarely uses a general keyword such as “rings” for his search. Instead, most searches are particular, for example – gold unicorn shaped necklace. In order to promote your products, you will need to learn more about how to use keywords and how to place them correctly in your product titles and descriptions in a natural way.

The Benefits of E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce platforms, such as Etsy and EBay will allow you to open up your own store page quickly and will also make it easier for you to be able to collect money from customers, by integrating their services with those of Paypal.

Another advantage is that many people will feel a purchase made via an established website is more secure while they will hesitate to purchase something from a new website they are not familiar with.

What you can do to improve your Chances of Success

There are several things that you can do in order to improve your chances of success:

  • All images that you upload to your store page should be high quality. A great product photo will considerably improve your chances of making a sale.
  • Your response time to customer inquiries should be very quick. Being prompt with your communications will improve your chances of convincing customers they should trust you and buy from you.
  • As I mentioned above, using proper descriptions and integrating the relevant keywords in your titles in a natural way will help you to feature better on search results.
  • Customer service should be your number one priority. Make sure that you write down your purchase terms and conditions on every product page and address issues such as insurance options, damage, shipping and international shipping options and customer returns.
  • Manage your reputation correctly and try to accumulate as many positive reviews as possible. Be flexible and try to come to an understanding with your customers, even in cases in which you feel their complaint is not justified. 

About the Author: Doron Heifetz is an online jewelry marketing expert and the owner of the Best Personalized Jewelry Etsy store and several popular jewelry websites.