How Animated Video Can Help Small Businesses

Animation is helping a growing number of small businesses, the world over, get their voice heard more effectively. This is primarily due to the fact that most people tend to find animation to be both engaging and emotionally appealing.

Let’s do a quick exercise…

Think of an advertisement you have seen recently and which you remember vividly. Now, think of why you remember this advertisement so well?

Did the advertisement shock you, make you laugh, smile, or annoy you?

Whichever emotion you had experienced as a result of watching the advertisement, two things have happened here:

  1. You experienced an emotion in response to the advertisement.
  2. You remember the advertisement because of this emotional trigger.

Is it any surprise then that, according to, animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by (at least) 20%?

Animation comes in many styles, such as 2D,3D, stop motion and motion graphics. It can also come in the form of whiteboard videos, animated infographics and even animated brand characters.

If you would like your business to be remembered by your target audience, then you could approach this goal by incorporating animated videos into your marketing strategy.

As a small business, here are a few different ways you could consider using animation as a part of your marketing strategy:-

Placing animated videos on your website to improve online conversions:

As highlighted by the statistic earlier, users respond to animated video positively making it more likely they will respond favourably to your marketing message.

So, by strategically placing animated videos on your website, you could significantly increase your online conversion rates.

Using animated video in your social media marketing strategy:

If you want your videos to be shared across social media platforms, the creative, colourful vibrancy that animation brings can help you meet this goal.

Why not announce important facts and figures that would interest your target audience by getting some animated infographics made too?

An animated infographic is likely to have a significantly higher engagement level than a static web page and consequently likely to receive a greater number of shares and likes.

Incorporating animated video in e-marketing campaigns:

According to Forbes, around 59 per cent of decision makers would prefer to watch a video than read text and 65 per cent of the executives they had surveyed would visit a vendor’s website after watching the video.

Therefore, by incorporating animated videos into your mail-outs, you could increase the chances of getting noticed and being heard.

All your target audience would need to do is to press the ‘PLAY’ button and watch the video to hear you out. It is that simple!

animation for small business

Animating your Banner Adverts:

A static banner advertisement could easily get overlooked or ignored by online users if they are not presented with the right sort of appeal.

By making your banner advertisements animated, you increase the chances of viewers taking notice of them which can lead to a significant improvement in click through rates.

Animating your Sales Presentations:

You could light up the room with an enthralling animated explainer video that demonstrates the value of your products and services.

When made with creative intelligence, animated explainer videos can communicate complex messages in ways that audiences find easier to understand.

Animation can make your marketing collateral come to life by giving it a voice, through its colour, characterisation, emotions, text, narration, music and messages.

With the creative and communicative dynamism that animation has, you could take your business to new heights.