Manage a Business and Get Rewards

Managing a business involves taking a series of risks and hopefully reaping the rewards. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises are not aware that there are also numerous benefits available to them simply for doing the work that they’re doing anyway.

frequent flyer rewards
photo credit: Larry Johnson

What you will discover below are several of many rewards you can enjoy while doing your must-do business activities:

Travel rewards

Frequent flier miles are easily accumulated, especially if a company sends its employees on regular business trips. However, many business owners are unsure of how many air miles they have, how to use them and how the schemes work, which creates many lost opportunities to benefit from reduced travel costs.

Purchasing business items through a credit card is often the best way of accumulating air miles, with many providers offering a set number of points for every pound spent. In no time at all, this will be enough to pay for an important business trip.

Many credit cards also offer additional perks, such as compensation if flights are delayed or luggage is lost in transit, all of which make business travel a lot less stressful and financially draining.

Corporate gifting

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and there’s no better way to reward an employee’s hard work, impress a client or enhance the prospects of a business deal than sending a thoughtful gift. There are a number of corporate gift and rewards packages available that provide tailored presents, bespoke packaging and next day delivery, all of which help to create a lasting impression and potentially enhance a business relationship.

The most popular gifts include calendars, gift certificates, fruit baskets and company-branded items; with most corporate services offering trade discounts and money off if items are bought in bulk.

Fast cash

Preparing for emergencies is essential for any business owner, and having access to funds when unexpected incidents occur is vital. With the gold business charge card – American Express, users will have access to 735,000 ATMs located in airports, hotels and shopping complexes around the world.

Members will also reap the benefits of travel and insurance protection, emergency card replacement and a welcome bonus of 20,000 membership rewards points if £3,000 is spent within the first three months. This can be used for flights and additional office equipment, or to buy the perfect corporate gift to impress a client or reward an employee.


Doing your business “chores” can be professionally rewarding – and full of side benefits. All you need to do is to look around for rewards and perks being offered by your suppliers and partners – and negotiate on terms to bring as many benefits as possible for you, your staffs and your business.

About the Author: This article is provided by Nick Brahhanin