5 Ways Entrepreneurs use Social Media to Promote Themselves

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of this thing called social media. Generally speaking, it’s social networking through online applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As the promotional power of social media became clearer, more and more businesses jumped on the bandwagon, endeavouring to engage with potential customers. While social media can be frustrating and downright baffling, persistence is key to achieving results.

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Ron Bakir, CEO of HomeCorp, was recently named the 2013 Gold Coast Entrepreneur of the Year and has achieved much success with his property development business. Using his wisdom, here are five ways to use social media in the art of self-promotion.

1. Networking

Interacting and engaging with others in a strategic way is vital for your business. Many entrepreneurs start by identifying similar businesses or organisations in their industry that they can reach out to and follow. Looking at the list of users that Ron Bakir is following on Twitter, you will note that many of them are related to property development, journalism and the Gold Coast.

Next they establish contact by posing a question, making a compliment, commenting on content or engaging in any other form of natural interaction. Once you have built solid relationships with others, you may even get shout outs, where your business is endorsed by others.

2. Joining Groups

The social media world can seem cold and exclusive when you first enter it. A great way to feel more at ease is to join a group on platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Not only will you receive new contacts, you are likely to receive interesting, helpful information on topics relevant to your industry. Meetup.com is an example of a social media platform which has the sole purpose of transforming online networking into real world mingling, so be sure to check it out.

3. Paid Advertising

While its effectiveness is sometimes debated, many businesses and entrepreneurs use paid advertising on social media. This includes conventional side-bar advertising and sponsored posts and tweets. The latter means that your post will be broadcast to a greater audience.

4. Competitions & Giveaways

If you’re struggling to get any non-business followers, announcing a competition or giveaway will soon remedy that. At the very hint of free goods or services, people will flock to your account. Many businesses request that participants/recipients like or follow them in order to be entered into the competition or be eligible for the giveaway. You don’t have to offer an around-the-world trip either; low-cost merchandise or a free service will suffice.

5. Viral Content

Promoting high-quality, catchy content on social media is a great way to increase audience engagement and awareness of your brand. Even if you didn’t write the piece, simply spread the good word and watch the ripple-effect take place as you rake in shares, likes, comments and even new followers. Don’t forget to credit the original author where possible by shouting out to them.

So what are your thoughts on social media? Have you found a unique way to effectively promote yourself? Let us know what you think by commenting below.