Do You Know What Your Marketing is Doing? Ask Adobe

The money is in the cloud. Adobe knows it and the company wants the cloud-savvy market to know that, when it comes to the cloud, Adobe means business.

Indeed, Adobe is launching yet-another-powerful cloud-based solutions, this time catering the marketing pros: Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Okay, honestly, you might have thought, “Oh, no – here comes yet another solution riding the one of the most popular term in tech world.” And I don’t blame you; there are so many – too many, in fact – solutions claiming to be cloud-powered. Quite often, “Cloud” becomes a sales strategy.

But fear not – as I mentioned early in this article, Adobe means business when it comes to the cloud: The entire business model is cloud-driven, and everything is served and supported by the Adobe cloud, supporting every characteristic of a cloud solution: Always on, highly scalable, highly flexible and real time resource provision.

Now let’s get back to the newly launched Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Just like any other Adobe’s cloud-based solutions, Adobe Marketing Cloud capitalises on Adobe’s powerful cloud platform to deliver marketing solutions to users.

What kind of solutions? Well, let this video show you the answer in 30 seconds:

Do you know what your marketing is doing?

As a marketer, you always want to make the biggest bang for the buck. Unfortunately, when it comes to conversion, most marketing campaigns suck. Big time.

Why? It’s simple, really.

Most campaigns are poorly analysed, optimised and executed. Not because the marketing people are lazy or clueless; it’s because they are just not that effective and efficient – and the one who is responsible for the “broken” system is… you, the business owner.

Adobe Marketing Cloud commercial

As a business owner, you need to help your marketing team to bring the best from each of its member.

There are a couple of things you can do to do that:

1. Analyse your market data properly.
2. To do #1, you need to stop using different apps and software, as data compatibility will be a big issue.
3. To do #1, you need to gather the data in the right way: web traffic data, social media engagement stats, etc.
4. Test and optimize your marketing campaigns.
5. On top of all of those, you need to be able to manage your campaigns from a centralised system, so that everyone can see the progress and what to be done.

Due to the complexities, you need a solution that can handle those and control them on a single dashboard accessible by you and your marketing team.

This is where Adobe enters with their Marketing Cloud solutions.

Adobe Marketing Cloud offer all-in-one solution for your marketing: Analytics, social, media optimization, testing and targeting, campaign management, web experience management and mobile solutions.

All the solutions are controlled via a single dashboard, which is accessible to every marketing team member.

But why “cloud”?

A classic question, but here’s a classic explanation: “Going cloud” lets you be more productive. Cloud apps and solutions you use are web-based, which means they are accessible from any Internet-enabled devices, from any part of the world – anytime.

“Going cloud” also lets you cut unnecessary IT costs, letting you pay only for the services and resources you use. No more expensive investments in in-house software and hardware.


Adobe Marketing Cloud can be your life-saver. Imagine how much marketing budget you safe as your marketing now know much about what they are doing.

Remember, in marketing, conversion rate is everything. The only way to boost it is by doing the right things and doing things right. The Marketing Cloud holistic solutions can help you with that.

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