Pay Inequality: Women – Would You Rather Wait for 100 Years or… Be a Man?

Do women need to work one hour longer at work to get equal pay as men? Or to put it in another way, do men only need to work until 4 PM whereas women work until 5 PM so that men and women earn the same amount of money for the same type of work?

Those questions are raised because – in Sweden – women earns just 82 percent of what men do. In other countries, unfortunately, things are (a lot) worse. But for a country well-known as one of the most equal countries in the world when it comes to wages, pay inequality becomes a major issue.

Pay inequality
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It’s a sad fact, really – Sweden is a global example of equal pay, yet the country still have a long way to go to achieve truly equal pay. According to recent statistics, it would take 100 years for the equal pay to be a reality. Should women wait that long?

Since it’s too absurd and too difficult for women to get a raise and equal pay in Sweden or any part of the world, there is the easiest way to achieve it: Be a man.

To protest pay inequality, Annelie Nordstrom, Chairwoman of Sweden’s largest union Kommunal, performs a ‘temporary sex change’ and invites women from around the world to join hands in a campaign called “Be a Man” – launched on The International Women’s Day, March 8th.

Using Be a Man smartphone app, women can use a photo and create a male version of themselves. The images will be shared in social media on The International Women’s Day. This will become the world’s largest protest on pay inequality.

If you want to join the cause or simply seek for more information about Be a Man, please visit the official website,

For more information about The International Women’s Day, please visit the official website at


Annelie Nordstrom quote on unequal pay

Pay inequality is a significant issue which leads to many other aspects, which all related to gender issues: Is the different pay scale mean women is less competent than men when it comes to work? Is it to maintain men’s dominance in the business world?

I personally think that when it comes to work, women and men should be paid equally.

As an employer, I opt for equal pay. I work with freelancers and I pay them equally. Why should I do the otherwise? When it comes to work, everyone is judged by his/her work performance. Nothing else.

So, what’s your view: Should women get equal pay for working for the same job description and work hours?