4 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed on Google

Whether you’re an existing bricks and mortar business or an online only store – ensuring that your company’s website is visible to existing and potentially new customers is vital. Competing with established multi-nationals for a slice of the cake may seem like an impossible task, but with a little innovation and some creativity it can be done.

photo credit: manfrys

Website performance optimisation

Basically when you set up a webpage it is essential that you use it to its full potential to help get ahead of the competition, increase customer loyalty and improve customer experiences. Ensuring that your website is running at its optimal level over its competitors can really make a difference and bring more people to your site. It is well worth enlisting professional help from companies such as the NCC Group to ensure you are getting the most from your website. Find out more here

Optimise your website on internet searches

Search engine optimisation, or SEO is the process of making your website more visible on search engines like Google, by being listed higher in the pecking order. Appearing near the top of the first page of results when someone types something relevant to your business will obviously bring a lot more traffic your way than if it is shown on page 36. Achieving this isn’t as complicated or as expensive as you might think and it could really help your company to grow. It is also a good idea to optimise pages as well as the website.

Improve the content on your homepage

Providing good quality text relevant to your products throughout your website, particularly on your homepage will make it more likely search engines will pick it up. When you type in a search in Google for example the first results you see are likely to have big font sizes with descriptions underneath. You should also include core content in your site – what services you offer, how much they cost and what areas you deliver to.

Create good navigation links

Make the customers journey from browsing within your website through to purchasing your goods as smooth as possible. The fewer steps required to complete a sale or find your contact details the more sales you will accumulate. If your customers are happy browsing search engines will also be more likely to pick up your site organically.


Please note that there are many factors – literally hundreds of them – that can contribute to your business website’s ranking on Google. You should not focus on one aspect and neglect the others; you need to consider ranking factors holistically.

Unlike what many may suggest you, there is no shortcut in getting your business website noticed on Google. To rank well, you need to do ethical link building, continuous refinement of your website layout, and work on the quality of your content – rinse and repeat; THEN you will start seeing results.

Good luck in your endeavor!