8 SMB Apps You and Your Employees Should be Using

There are tons of smartphone apps hitting the SMB world every day. Some are better than others; some carbon copies of ten other apps that are already out there; others aren’t even worth the download.

You’ll find a list of cool apps that are definitely worth a test drive down below. Some of them will likely be available for Blackberry too, check out BlackBerry World to find out.

Waze smartphone app

1. Klutch

Available on: iTunes only

This app is currently only available on iTunes, but the developer’s interested in expanding to all platforms soon. Klutch is a social networking app, with a slight twist. This review likens the app to a “virtual meeting room” which is pretty accurate. You can collaborate with your sales and office team, hash out meeting schedules, discuss the day’s event’s, etc.

2. Cotap

Available on: iTunesAndroid

Cotap is a direct competitor to Klutch. Heck, it might even be better. Hyatt Hotels is one of their biggest users; according to app creator Jim Patterson (no, not the best-selling author!) Input your team’s contact information into the app and they can contact managers and coworkers one-on-one or collaboratively in a virtual group meeting format. Hyatt has started pushing the app on their management, who can now use their personal or company-issued smartphone in place of the walkie-talkies the hotel chain was using for communication just a short time ago.

3. Box

Available on: iTunesAndroid

Yes “Dropbox” is more popular. However “Box” has been an enterprise-level company since its inception (see comparison). Box also offers more bang-for-buck with regards to storage, security and user management. You and your team can sync, download and upload secure files from anywhere. Give it a try for free with 10GB free storage on their “Personal” plan. Other plans are available with more options and bandwidth; two-week free trials are available for each.

4. WiFi Finder

Available on: iTunesAndroid

Not much to explain with this particular app. It uses “WeFi” network data to show you where the closest hotspot is. This collaborative app will also record when you use a new publicly-accessible hotspot so that other users of the app can benefit, and includes a rating system for connection quality. This is a must for any business owner and their team if traveling is part of your business model.

5. LinkedIn Pulse

Available on: iTunes – Android

With nearly 22% of all adults now using LinkedIn to keep up with influential movers and shakers in business and marketing, it’s no surprise this app has gained traction with smartphone and tablet users. You and your staff can keep abreast of all the news in and around your industry with Pulse. Its more intuitive than Google for narrowing your search results to the specific news you want to read, since its geared to LinkedIn users (i.e., business-minded). Some users have said that the app has less functionality than it did a year ago, but it does have over 50,000,000 installs to its credit so far.

6. Desk.com

Available on: iTunesAndroid

Winner of “Webby Awards People’s Voice” honors and voted best mobile email app by The Wall Street Journal. If you don’t have this email organizer app already and do a lot of on-the-fly email tasks, download this app now. It allows you to integrate up to 5 different email accounts, works with Salesforce.com, Zendesk, Trello and MailChimp. And allows you to save important messages to Evernote or Pocket too.

7. TurboScan

Available on: iTunesAndroid

More than a few of you will remember just a few short years ago when a portable scanner would cost $300 or more (for a cheap one). Now, even a low-grade smartphone will have a minimum 5-megapixel camera installed. The TurboScan app turns your phone into a scanner, which converts images to PDF’s and JPEGs which can then be transferred to documents, videos, infographics, slides, whiteboard presentations, etc. This app has been the numero uno business app in the iTunes store for the last couple of years now.

8. Waze

Available on: iTunesAndroid

Waze is super-handy if you and your team do lots of commuting to and from meetings. Incidentally, it’s also a great way to avoid the “I’m stuck in traffic” excuse from tardy employees in the morning! Think of this tool as a social-traffic-networking tool. It uses news from the Waze community of app users and local news reports to keep you abreast of emerging traffic situations, such as accidents or unexpected construction delays, and tells you the best way to get to your destination. One funny advantage with this app is ‘police trap’ warnings, which makes you wonder: Radar detectors are illegal, and you can’t “flash” other drivers to warn about speed traps – but you can share it on Waze?

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Any particular apps you are using on regular basis? Please share with us!