How to Take Work Communications with your Virtual Team to a New Level

How to Take Work Communications with your Virtual Team to a New Level

If you are working with a virtual team like I do, I’m sure you understand that communication is everything. With the different time zones and geo-location, work communications can be challenging. Using SMS or email for work collaboration is so last season. The inconvenience; the loss of important details via emails; it’s not ideal.

Enter the cloud. Today, “cloud” is the magic word. Although cloud-based solutions doesn’t solve everything, it enables businesses to be more productive. The cloud has enabled me to easily form a virtual team and manage work.

cloud collaboration and communication
The cloud has made work collaboration and communication with a virtual team easier and more productive.

The big question: Which cloud solution to use?

With this article, I would like to introduce you to a solution which allows you to do project communication (and collaboration) online, whenever you want, wherever you go: Comindware Team Network – team collaboration software.

What is it?

Comindware Team Network is an integral part of Comindware Project, a cloud-based project collaboration software. In essence, Comindware Team Network enables you to foster social collaboration in your organization.

Comindware Team Network

But why focusing on team communications?

Obviously, project collaboration is not only about project planning and do the outlined tasks to meet the deadlines. That’s just one part of the story. The other part of the story is communication, and quite often poor communication is the main culprit of lagging, even failing projects.

With that being said, email communication is no longer ideal. I know so, because I do quite aplenty of emailing back-and-forth on a daily basis. In the process, I miss an important email or two, resulting in misunderstanding – and loss of opportunity.

Indeed, I’ve lost a couple of opportunities because I lost a couple of important emails somewhere in my inbox folders.

There’s got to be a better way, and so far, Comindware Team Network answers the concern I have very well.

Why Comindware Team Network?

So, what makes it a good solution for your work communication?

Discussion Streams

Your communication inside the Comindware Project interface consists of streams. They are threaded, so you know what you say, and when. You can now organize your project discussions so that you no longer miss out on the important messages.

What kind of discussions, you might ask? The answer is: Anything. Discussions can be company-wide or project/task-related – both are well-organized into ‘folders’ called “Rooms.”

Social Work Collaboration

Want the classic email? Why not?

Comindware Team Network’s key advantage is the ability to discuss with your virtual team in the cloud. But, if you need email-based communication, this tool can accommodate just that.

You can just email your team as usual, and Comindware Team Network will automatically add your team members’ message in a particular discussion stream.

Everything on the go

I work using a laptop, and I can virtually work everywhere I want. This offers me a great mobility. To extent the mobility I have, I also use a smartphone, as well as a tablet PC.

Comindware Team Network can accommodate that. Using this tool, you can discuss any projects on the go, using any of your iOS or Android devices. This will enhance your team members productivity at no extra costs.

Comindware Project HD iPad


Work communication is an important part in getting your projects done. No matter how well you personally manage your communication channels, you still need tools to help managing your communications. You see, you simply can’t afford to cause a delay in your project, or missing out on important details that can change the direction of your project for the good.

Comindware Team Network can offer you the ability to manage and organize work discussions better, so you don’t waste time finding a particular message or trying to keep up with a particular conversation you have with a team member.

You can learn more about the tool from Comindware, Inc.‘s website.

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