5 Tips for Increasing Your Business’ Bottom Line

No matter where your current performance figures are at, nearly every business wants to aim for growth. Whether you’re experiencing a boom or going through a quiet period, finding ways to increase profits and efficiencies can make an impact on your bottom line. Read on to find out five tips for ways you can boost your business’s performance.

Employee training
Regular staff training can support your business growth – and improve your bottom line

1. Invest In Staff Training

Countless studies have all found that happy, engaged staff are motivated to succeed. Continually improving the skills and qualifications of staff is a way for employers to maximise productivity. There are a number of flexible delivery short courses that employers can utilise, visit innovative staff learning and training providers such as www.etrainu.com for a variety of options.

2. Work Smarter

Are there processes that you can automate or other ways you can change the way you work that might be able to improve performance? Sometimes it is systems that are letting a business down so make sure you’re using up to date and integrated resources. Constantly review the way you do things to look for opportunities to change and improve.

3. Focus On Conversions, Not Traffic

Especially in this social media driven world, people tend to get bogged down thinking about numbers. The fact is it doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 or 100,000 followers, subscribers or entries in your database if only 500 of them are actually genuinely interested in what you do. It’s ok to attract less people if the traffic you are getting has a high proportion of engaged, qualified prospects.

4. Sales Are Everyone’s Responsibility

Does everyone in your business know what you do? Often — and sometimes unintentionally — a silo effect is created where only frontline sales staff know how to “sell” your business. People in “unrelated” departments can’t actually articulate what it is you do and why people should choose you. Make sure you communicate your values, offerings and other important information to all people in the business so that they can all act as a potential brand ambassador.

5. Consider Getting External Advice

Sometimes we’re simply too close to be able to look at things objectively and find opportunities to improve. Consider engaging a consultant to help analyse and assess where you’re at, where you could be and most importantly, how to get there. It can sometimes be one of the best investments you can make.

Working hard
Keep focusing on your business growth – even during quiet times.


Now is the best time to be working on your business. Sometimes when everything seems to be going fine is the best time to be looking for improvement opportunities. Have proper measures in place and regularly review what you do and how you do it. This can help you to not only stay on top of your competition and keep your customers — and staff — loyal to you, but also ensures that you’re ready to weather any changes in trading conditions in the future.

What tips would you give to business wanting to improve their bottom line performance?