5 Ways Embracing Diversity is Beneficial for your Small Business (Sponsored)

Entrepreneurs: Let’s talk diversity. In a bit of brutally honest way. I understand that it’s a sensitive issue, but whether you like it or not, we face the issue of diversity and everything that comes with it – ethnicity, religious beliefs, educational backgrounds, etc. – on a regular basis.

To get started, here’s a question for you: Why embracing diversity in your business matters – a lot?

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebration in Santa Fe, New Mexico
photo credit: Paige Henderson

Let’s start with a relevant event coming up soon in the United States: National Hispanic Heritage Month (from September 15 to October 15.) The heritage and culture is celebrated in recognition of the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. Why?

Because it matters

Diversity is one major part of our life. Your life involves other people, and they come in various backgrounds. All boils down to respect. It matters to respect the differences; with respect, the quality of our life and our community is enhanced.

Let’s just say that if you couldn’t value diversity, you’d better live under a rock. Because once you are out there in society, you’ll meet people who are different from you.

In business, things are strikingly similar. As ‘going global’ has become mainstream, it’s a requirement for a company to embrace diversity. Why? It’s simple: If you don’t embrace it, your share in the market will be taken by those who do. And you know what will happen if you lose your market share.

Nobody understands that better than small business owners. They know that embracing differences is the way to go to thrive in and give value to the local community.

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Diversity in business is a must-do

So, entrepreneurs – if you agree that embracing diversity is a must-do, then I can share you how diversity matters to your business – down to your bottom line:

Diverse business team

1. Tap talents worldwide

With the Internet and everything that comes with it, it’s now possible to form a virtual team.

I run a small company and lead a virtual team. My team members are from different countries and backgrounds.

My VA is a young female college student from the Philippines. My team of writers consists of a mother who pursues a Ph.D. degree and lecture in a university in India, and a male pro-writer from Canada. Freelancers I’ve hired in the past – and will hire in the future are a female artist from the UK, a female VA from Malaysia and a tech guy from the US.

As you can see, my virtual team is very diverse, and embracing diversity means that I can partner and work with the best talents in the world.

2. Open up to limitless opportunities

When you set differences aside, you will present yourself wealth of opportunities. That’s given.

My clients and partners are from US, UK, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, India, Spain, Italy, UAE, China, South Korea and so on. You can imagine how much opportunities I’d lost if a limiting perception rules my business decisions.

3. Enhance your brand reputation

When you tell the world that your company employs a diverse group of people and deals with clients worldwide, your brand will instantly be associated with diversity.

Indeed, embracing differences always impacting brands significantly.

4. Be considered as a role model

I always believe that entrepreneurs are role models and influencers. They impact the community significantly, and when entrepreneurs proclaim that they embrace diversity, the followers, clients and partners will listen and follow suite.

Being a role model brings both tangible and intangible benefits: Not only goodwill value, you will get new business from clients who agree with your view and leadership.

5. Give more meaning to business

Your business matters. Giving back to the community via CSR campaigns and embedding diversity in the company culture will give more meaning to your business and its stakeholders beyond business profitability and quality excellence.


Embracing diversity should not be a question of do’s or don’ts. In my opinion, it’s a must-do. Doing so is only beneficial for your business and community.

Take charge, and become the role model by embedding diversity in your company culture.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Spark Business from Capital One®, but concerns my own opinion. This is the fourth post in a series of eight.