Top 3 Benefits of Buying Used Machinery

When you think of ‘used’ or ‘second hand’ items, the more common thoughts that first come to mind would perhaps be cars, furniture or charity shop bargains; but one item ever-increasing in popularity is machinery. It might be a surprise to some – as there is an unfortunate and totally unqualified stigma with ‘used’ goods from a small minority – but there is a growing market out there for used machinery with the business savvy capitalising on the many benefits it can offer.

Used excavator
photo credit: Dave Wilson

So what are the insider benefits that people are beginning to take advantage of?

1. Keeping Costs Down

Perhaps the most obvious reward you can gain from used machinery is the money you will save on buying the second hand product itself. The percentage you save can vary depending on the condition of the machine, but you need to bear in mind that retailers won’t provide a broken machine, it will be fully operational and fit for purpose.

In addition to this if you are running a used machine and it does breakdown you have an opportunity save on future repair costs, however this is dependent on your own personal viewpoint. This is because the value of the machine has already technically decreased, you could chose not to repair with it official parts and save more by using cheaper alternative parts, further pushing you into profit.

2. A Great Range

Much like when you buy a used Mercedes or BMW car, despite not paying the high expense that comes with a brand new flash car you are still actually buying a Mercedes or a BMW. You can apply the same criteria to this situation; if you look online at a reliable retailer you will find a great range of decent brands at lower prices. Furthermore due to the increasing demand for these second hand models it is likely that more and more of the top brands will soon be finding their way into the market ready for you to reap the benefits.

3. Future Business Perks

The way to look at buying used machinery is that it is an investment, not just in the current performance of your business but in its future. The money you have saved on this product you can use to expand your company’s horizons and help your business develop, so do not delay and experience for yourself the many positives of purchasing used machinery.


If you are ready to buy used machinery, be sure you do your due diligence.

First and foremost, you need to check whether the machinery is well-maintained. You don’t want to buy used machinery that will give you problems on regular basis later on.

Secondly, you need to be sure that you buy the right machinery, at the right price. When you go to an auction for used machinery, it’s easy to get carried away and bid more that you should. Moreover, it’s tempting to bid on another great used machinery when it’s available. Remember, stick to your budget!