King Swag Inc. is Holding a Contest for Free Services

Beginning on September 1 through October 20th, King Swag Inc. is holding a contest and will be giving away nearly $7,000 in web-based services. You must be 18 years or older and be in the United States to enter. The three finalists will receive a free website, and the Grand Prize will include social media management and online marketing free for six months.

King Swag web presence contest

About King Swag Inc.

In June 2013, King Swag Designs was created by Kyle Sattler. Soon thereafter, in January 2014, King Swag Designs added King Swag Productions. With continued growth, the two companies were brought together under one name: King Swag Inc. in July 2014. The aim of King Swag Inc. is to build fabulous websites and provide exceptional online marketing plans that are actually affordable for small businesses. Mr. Sattler was seeing a growing need for reasonably priced website creation and marketing that was accessible to the majority of small business owners. He is working toward making it a reality by providing the kind of services that small businesses need at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Kings Swag Inc. generally provides three levels of service in social media management, depending on your budget. Social media management puts you on the most popular social media sites, advertising, custom graphics and advanced monitoring along with monthly updates.

Basic website packages will provide creation of a website, forms, SEO, indexing with search engines and blog set up, along with other services. King Swag Inc. also offers e-store packages to get your online business up and going with basic setup, store creation, search feature, indexing on search engines and basic SEO.

King Swag Inc. has created great websites for numerous businesses in the local Austin area. See their website for examples of their happy customers. They are looking to expand into other neighborhoods by raising awareness about the great services they offer to small businesses at a reasonable price.

In addition to social media management, online marketing and website creation, King Swag Inc. also offers video production. Commercials, events, and educational videos are all within the scope of what King Sway Inc. can do. Creating a video commercial for your website can be a great way to generate interest in a product or service. Events such as school activities, social engagements or seminars are all occasions that people like to record and revisit at a later time. Training videos can be a great tool when it comes to training employees. Show the procedure to the camera once, and then show it to new employees as needed.

How to enter the contest

King Swag Inc. hopes to build some excitement about their services by offering this contest and free services to come. Entering is as easy as filling out a small form and submitting it. It is certainly a quick and easy way to win $7000 of free web services.

Learn more about the contest here:

To learn more about King Swag Inc., visit their website at where you can get the king’s swag for the price of the pauper peanuts.

Enter the King Swag contest

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