How Startups Can Save Money Using a Content Service

Content services employ freelance writers to handle requests from their clients. Many of these clients are business owners that either need fresh ideas or simply do not have the time to write their own content. In some cases, the business owner is uncomfortable writing their content so they look to a ghostwriter or a content writing service. If you are unfamiliar with ghostwriters you can find more information in this Guide to Ghostwriting. Regardless of the need or reasoning behind it, using a content service has more than one benefit to blog owners.

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Competitive Pricing

Content services have generalized pricing in place for quality levels. The lower quality level you select, the less you pay. This is different when it comes to a private service as they name their own prices. Services such as content mills like Textbroker, Vorongo, Demand Media, Hibu and Crowd Content all have pricing tiers in place.

There is a benefit to working with a private content service though; it is easier to build a relationship with the service and a particular writer. With a content mill service, you never know what kind of quality you are going to get or who will be working on the order. If they quality is high there is a better chance people might share or link to your blog.

Possible Bulk Order Discounts

Some services offer discounts when you purchase a bulk amount of services. Not all services offer this as they are already giving you a fixed price. What some services may offer is to put your order in a lower-quality pool for workers, which will save you money. This does not mean that you will receive low-quality work; it just means that the wording will me much simpler than a more experienced writer would provide.

Faster Turnaround Times

When you use a large content writing service, you can set deadlines from 24 hours and up. Keep in mind though, that writers can put work back into the pool, so essentially, your deadline resets as each new writer takes the order.

With a private content service, a deadline is a deadline. These writers tend to work harder and the owner of the service makes sure that orders are always completed on time. Only in the event of an emergency would your work not be completed on time.

A content writer working on a rush order

Ability to Order Rush Pieces with Private Content Services

Private content services with a smaller pool of writers often accept rush orders. Perhaps you have an urgent need for a piece of content and you need to have it posted within just a few hours. A private service can make this happen for you. There may be a rush service fee, but you will have relevant, high-quality content when you need it. This can also help you to establish a good professional relationship with that service at the same time.

Working with content services is a blessing in disguise. All of the work delivered to you is edited when you work with a private service, so there should not be anything to fix on your end. The different types of content services available give you options to suit your needs as a blog owner. Whether you have a single blog or several, these services will give you the fresh, relevant content that you need for your readers. Each writer has a different style and perspective on a topic, so be clear with your instructions as far as what you expect to help the content to be delivered exactly as you need it to be.