How To Create Good Website Content Without Plagiarising

If you want your blog to rank well and to be able to make money from it, you need to write plenty of good-quality content. Many website owners find this to be a difficult, time-consuming and tedious task. But, like most things in life, the more you do it the better you get and the faster you are able to complete the task.

Digital marketer creating website content

Over the years, you pick up lots of little ways to improve the quality of your content and get it done faster. Here are three of those:

1. Resist the temptation to copy the work of others

But, you will only learn how to write well by resisting the temptation to copy and paste the work of others. You want your site to stand out from that of your competitors. The content you create needs to be unique and offer something new. You can use this plagiarism checker website to make sure nothing that you already have on your site duplicates content that has been published elsewhere.

If you hire writers to produce your articles, be sure to put it through a plagiarism checker before publishing it. Usually, you will receive well-written content that is also original. But, occasionally you will come across writers who take short cuts and incorporate other people´s content into the articles they sell.

2. Decide what to write about

OK, now that warning is out of the way, let´s look at the fastest way to create content. Your first job is to decide what you are going to write about. Ideally, you want to have at least a month’s worth of article ideas planned out.

There are many different ways to decide what to write next. You could use something like BuzzFeed to uncover subjects that are trending. Or write about upcoming events and holidays. But, the most effective way to decide what to write next is to use a combination of Google Analytics and keyword research. You can easily learn about how to do this from SEO websites and YouTube.

Subject research before writing

3. Do your research before starting to write

Now you need to research the subject you have decided to write about. Carrying out a quick search will enable you to uncover the type of content Google likes to see for that search term. To stand any chance of being able to rank well you have to provide the search engines with what they want.

Next, read through the first 4 or 5 articles. Make notes as you do so. You will end up with a list of statistics, relevant arguments and facts. Now, you need to write an article that covers all of those points and any others that you think are relevant. This way of writing blog posts is known as the Skyscraper method, which you can read about on this site.

This sounds complicated, but really all you are doing is providing your site visitors with the information they are seeking. Provided you keep that aim in mind the content that you produce will be good and will, over time, rank well.