5 Signs You Should Invest In Barcode

Small business owners are usually faced with millions of challenges on a daily basis. They need to cut down unnecessary expenses, please all segments of buyers, attract new prospects, manage goods, control inventory and maximize their profit margins. Fortunately, a few key inventions have already simplified the way in which we do business.

Can you picture the retail industry a few decades ago, when the common barcode systems that we rely on today were considered a mere fantasy? People had to work more to keep track of their merchandise and record sales. They were also overstressing themselves to achieve a higher level of accuracy and prevent errors associated with manual data entry.

Barcode on a can

If you are currently trying to upgrade or open your first business, here are five signs indicating that this would be a smart and extremely necessary move that you should make.

1. You Need to Speed up Your Sale Cycle

Manual data entry can be quite a hassle; not to mention the fact that this operation can leave the door open to a relatively large number of errors that could impact your bottom line and also your reputation. According to WikiHow, reading 12-digit UPC (Universal Product Code) is a fairly complex process that requires knowledge, experience and a proper understanding of the bar code basics. You may want to count on this approach to impress your friends; however, reading and entering bar codes manually is certainly not the best idea, especially when your store is overcrowded and your customers are waiting in line to pay for your merchandise.

If you need to speed up your sale cycle, consider implementing a barcodes system and buying the hardware kit that will support this upgrade.

2. You Have to Find a Way to Reduce Employee Training Time

Teaching new employees how to enter barcode data manually can be quite stressful and time-consuming. On the other hand, when you already count on a barcode system and the right scanner, this weight is instantly lifted off your shoulders. You will be able to show your new workers how to use a handheld scanner in a matter of a few minutes; plus newcomers will never have to worry about understanding the overall pricing procedure or analyzing other aspects that are related to the checkout phase. Barcodes enable you to automate your business and minimize training efforts and expenses.

3. Lack of Accuracy Is Your Main Concern

According to recent studies, one human error is reported for every single 300 characters that are entered manually. On the other side of the coin, modern barcode scanners are almost error-free and ensure the highest level of accuracy leading to zero confusions, reduced losses, a spotless reputation and a bigger profit.

Barcode on a cab
photo credit: Oliver Wagemann

4. You Are Looking for the Cheapest Method to Manage Your Goods

Barcodes are easy to produce, scan and interpret. These tiny elements are extremely important these days, when almost every single package that you receive features at least one type of barcode. Basically, barcode systems allow users to manage their merchandise and business rapidly, affordably, and stress-free. According to Scholarpedia, the implementation of barcode systems has enabled retail and shipping companies to develop and perfect cheaper, faster and more accurate applications.

5. Your Inventory Control Is a Mess

Do you know how many packages are leaving and entering your warehouse on a daily basis? Are you worried that in the absence of a solid inventory control strategy you could be forced to deal with numerous lost items/theft cases? From this point of view, barcode systems represent the answer to all your prayers.

According to Chron Small Business, barcodes support a flawless inventory control and allow you to keep track of your goods anytime, anywhere. As soon as your packages arrive at the warehouse, you can send your workers to arrange the products on the shelves and scan them as they go. Later on, they can compare their records to the ones listing the barcodes that have already been scanned at the register.

The whole process is easy and pain-free. Who would have thought that a scanner can help you save so much time, money and effort and simplify your daily operations to this extent?

Is There an All-in-One Hardware Package for Your Business?

Yes there is! Shopify has unveiled all-in-one hardware package that includes everything one could ever need to ensure a pleasant checkout experience for all clients. Featuring a retail card reader, an iPad stand, a cash drawer and a wireless receipt printer, this hardware package let users print receipts and accept both credit card and cash payments. Once this package is in your hands, you just need to pair it with your iPad and POS solution and get to work.

Modern, aesthetically pleasing hardware element will help you automate your operations, speed up the sale cycle, improve customer satisfaction and gain full control over your inventory. Why waste time trying to find the best pieces for this puzzle when you can invest less than $650 in a complete package that lets you experience the ultimate level of convenience?