Why a Small Start-up Should Use a Virtual Office to Boost its Presence

There are more and more virtual offices being used by companies big and small across the country. With technology moving at unprecedented speed nowadays, the option for working from home and choosing a virtual office company have never been so prevalent. There are plenty of reasons why this can be a fruitful partnership for new businesses and here we’ll discuss some of these:

Find a good place to do business

It’s often the case that a lot of home business work will often resort to the coffee shop to work and hold meetings, as they are seen as relatively quiet and affordable places to offer an alternative to the difficult workaround in your own house. However, evidence suggests that this may no longer be the best alternative. This is due to the increased noise and information safety concerns arising from openly working in busy, public spaces. As a result, many SME’s are all but giving up on the coffee shops.

Working in a coffee shop
photo credit: Ed Yourdon

However, this leaves those running a business from home in search of another place to do their work and business meetings, such as virtual office space. You can still work at home, but if you have small children, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain boundaries. Nothing will look less professional for a meeting than having a stream of client interruptions and constant interference. An alternative option is to consider using a public library in the area, as it gives you peace of mind and a guaranteed quiet space to work. Many libraries may also be able to accommodate meeting places.

If the public library is not able to offer the modern amenities you require, then you may consider meeting with clients at home, but it will cost them in travel, while perhaps presenting the same problems if at their home, should the customer is also a small children. It also does not solve the problems of finding a place to work alone. An even better possibility is to consider renting a virtual office, as it gives you a desk and excellent facilities for business meetings and somewhere you know that will be available if needed.

Keep your customers happy with trust-boosting virtual offices

As a business owner, complaints and dissatisfaction are parts of running a business. There may be several holy men out there that can cope, but most people cannot help but be a little annoyed sometimes. Conversely, it’s likely that all companies irritate some customers at some point, but the trick here is that your business at least offers support when it happens.

If you or your employees do make mistakes, then the only way to deal with this is to apologise to the customers on the issue, create a satisfactory solution to the problem and fix their loss. Companies that do not want to admit when they are on the wrong track may go on to lose customers, no matter how loyal they have been previously.

Having the right location for your business is crucial to letting your customers that you mean business and therefore you are ready to take care of their needs. Indeed, impressions count and so, for many home workers, the option of a virtual office as and when they need it can be the solution they have been crying out for.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with even the basics, such as staying on top of potential customers to contact and provide them with a quick and useful response to concepts. Unfortunately, delays at this stage can have a significant impact on cash flows, as potential buyers give up and go elsewhere.

Working in virtual office


Many small businesses believe that the use of virtual offices creates a first-class solution to the problem of how to provide a professional and business-like name for their company’s services.

The creative use of those methods to improve your business and reduce the risk of slipping, will help you to deal with them properly when they occur and ensure that customers remain satisfied and come back for new purchases.