3 Tips for a More Efficient Logistics for your Shipping Company

Your shipping company’s success depend on how well you manage your logistics. Late deliveries almost always give you bad reputation – something you can’t afford doing, considering the stiff competition in the shipping market. But fear not, there are things you can do to be more efficient.

One of the tips includes the use of automation systems, which also include linear motion with 12 volt actuators. The other two includes: Invest in reliable delivery scheduling/tracking system, such as Roadnet Technologies and Fleetmatics, and invest in a reliable fleet vehicles.

Shipping fleet
photo credit: Glen Wallace

Efficient logistics for a shipping company are necessary for better performance. This gives the company substantial competitive advantage for success in the shipping industry. Let’s talk a bit more about the tips I outlined above:

Use of automation systems

Automation systems enable the logistics activities to be undertaken with much ease. Logistics automation decreases manual entry and enables faster processing of the freight shipments. As well, logistics automation provides for the automatic retrieval of options enabling efficient transportation procurement for shipments.

Many benefits come with logistics automation, including reduction in costly errors that may come with manual data entry. Other, benefits include: faster rate of logistics processing making huge workload to be carried within short time span, there is increased organizational control as routines are properly allocated.

Appropriate employment of the automation systems enables company to reap full benefits from logistics automation. The manual process is eliminated and information can be provided seamlessly at will with the appropriate automation features.

More logistics efficiency is created and money is saved in the shipping.

Use of reliable scheduling or tracking systems

Investment in a reliable scheduling or tracking system is imperative in creating more efficiency in the logistics. Shipping companies should consider using more reliable scheduling systems for better logistics services for higher satisfaction of customers. Moreover, good tracking systems contribute significantly to the reduction of shipments losses which can be costly to the shipping company.

GPS fleet tracking system
photo credit: GPS Tracking

In choosing the right system, you need to look to the following characteristics: Real-time tracking/reporting, integration with your existing systems, and – of course – costs. Specifically for tracking systems, you need to look for satellite-based GPS system – not cellular-based one to ensure reliability (you don’t want to lose signal when tracking your vehicles!)

Reliable fleet vehicles

Logistics efficiency is also enabled by investment in a reliable fleet. A reliable fleet provides for the delivery of shipments without, or with minimal, losses giving the company substantial competitive advantage over other players.

Obviously, new vehicles can give you a reliable fleet; but this is not a viable option, especially if you are limited in budget. There are better ways: Acquiring used vehicles.

Used vehicles – if you know how to ensure their quality – can reduce your initial investments significantly. Be sure you partner with someone who knows how to inspect and appraise used vehicles. You don’t want to end up with a vehicle that broke down every 1,000 miles!


When we talk about efficiency, we also need to talk about human resources. As always, employee training is uber-important. You need to make sure that you have the right people to manage your systems, and the only way to do it is to nurture them professionally.