The Best Tools and Software for Every Non-Profit

If you run or work at a non-profit, you know how hard it is to keep your group running efficiently. Even if you are a genius of administrative and communication gifts, you’ll find yourself run ragged without well-organized materials, goals, and correspondences.

If you find yourself burning the candle at both ends, maybe it’s time to update the software you use. Modern apps take a lot of the repetitive, brute-force effort out of non-profit operations. Take a look at the three kinds of tools below and think about how they might help you do what you do a little better.

1. Survey Tools

Online survey tool

The ability to hear back from constituents is one of the best ways for a non-profit to keep their finger on the pulse of those they are working with. Today’s survey tools offer many nuanced features, to get the most out of your data:

  • Many softwares allow you to incorporate surveys into your website, so you don’t have to send someone to some other source.
  • Questions can be randomized, as responses at the beginning of surveys tend to be more statistically useful.
  • Responses can also be “piped” into later questions. For instance, a person who says they live in Baltimore early in a survey will see questions tailored to a resident of Baltimore, later in the survey.
  • Finally, sophisticated data analysis is built in to all modern surveying tools, allowing you to glean actionable insight from your responses.

2. Communication Tools

Comindware Project HD iPad

Communication is the key to any successful non-profit. With so many people, filling so many roles, focused communication can be a full time job (or several) all its own.

Today’s communication software offerings allow you to easily group individuals into communication groups. Their contacts, past correspondences, and personal notes are all found in one source. Online resources such as Participate Communities of Practice offer non-profits organizational impact and support scalable learning opportunities. It is a way to connect your community around your non-profit’s goals and vision.

You can easily send email blasts and newsletters to particular groups of constituents. Many communication events can also be automated, making the life of the communications and administrative staffers much, much easier.

3. Financial and Donations Apps

Online accounting in action

Donations and accounting software are two of the most important tools in the modern non-profit’s app reservoir. Fundraisers are one of the great complexities of non-profit life, but modern apps can help you keep track of how much you need, where it’s coming from, and who has donated in the past. You can also automate many of the facets of regular fundraising events, and keep in touch with your most regular contributors. You can check here to learn about the Top Fundraising Software for Nonprofits.

In the same way, financial and accounting software is integral to a successful non-profit. Funds are precious, and actions are complex. Keeping everyone paid, funded, and operational is a monolithic task.

Today’s software offerings make the job much simpler. All of your accounts can be viewed side by side, but accessed separately, at one source. Access to these accounts is easily set up, with each member of your staff being able to easily login and perform their appropriate functions.

Payments and billing is automated, and budgets are clearly outlined. Fundraising and expenditure goals are illuminated, so you never have to wonder how much cash your organization has or where its going.

Indeed, modern accounting software helps non-profits avoid many of the financial snafus found in organizations like these.