6 Essential Office Equipment You Can’t Do Without

To run a small business, the first and most important thing you need to do is employ the right people. However, it is important that these employees have the right equipment and tools so that they can perform their duties efficiently. High quality, modern equipment makes a big difference not only in the productivity of a team, but also in the way the general public perceives the company.

To help you get started, below is mentioned six essential office equipment you can’t do without.

Samsung concept design printer at IFA 2014
Samsung’s new design concept printer, unveiled at IFA 2014 – photo credit: Samsung Tomorrow

1. Printers

Any office that has even one PC requires a printer to generate hard copies of electronic files and documents. Every type of business needs their documents to be printed, be it a service or a product-oriented industry. Some common office documents that need to be printed include packing slips, invoices, letters and flyers. How you choose your printer depends on what you want it to do – Konica Minolta printing services can help your to understand exactly the type of printing solution you need for your business, and their high quality printers are extremely good value for money.

2. Scanners

Though the fax machine was once considered a very important piece of office equipment, generating electronic copies of almost any document is now possible by using a scanner. A scanner copies images of papers, which were not formed electronically, and converts them into digital images, thus making them ready to be e-mailed or stored in a PC. Some items that are generally scanned include drawings, photographs, cash register receipts, and forms that have been filled out manually. It’s possible also to get a scanner and printer combined.

3. Copiers

Photocopiers are amongst the most important equipment for every office. You have the option of both black and white, and colour copier, and you can get one according to your needs. However, colour technology is becoming more and more affordable each day, particularly with combination copier/scanner and printer units being introduced.

photo credit: Alan Cleaver

4. Laminating Machine

When you have taken the trouble to copy or print an important document, you might as well preserve it properly by getting it laminated. Laminators are becoming more popular in offices across the globe, as they can help in ways such as:

  • Preserving photos
  • Creating signage
  • Producing ID badges
  • Creating business cards that last

Once an office owns a laminator, the team may come up with many other ideas of using it wisely and effectively.

5. Dictation Machines

Even though speech recognition software is evolving each day, it is not without pitfalls. It is far better to dictate and record letters, reports and memos, as speaking is much faster and easier than writing, and moreover this can be done while other tasks are simultaneously carried out. The type of equipment opted for depends on the choice of the dictator, frequency of use, number of users, and budget.

6. Shredders

Identity theft is quite common, and this makes the shredder a piece of equipment that every office needs. Tearing paper by hands not only wastes time, but the results are not as effective as is produced by a shredder. Paper shredders cut papers into so many pieces that it is almost impossible to place them back together to gather any information. If security is important in your business, you have a responsibility to see that information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Investing in a shredder is certainly something you should consider.

To conclude…

There is certainly other office equipment available apart from those listed above, but these six items are necessary for all modern offices. Even though not every item on this list might be required on a daily basis, but their need definitely does arise every now and then.