All About Smart Numbers

When it comes to advertising there is almost an endless supply of opportunities to help market your business. One option that is often overlooked by businesses is smart number.

Smart numbers offer a lot of value if done correctly. An important part of brand building is to ensure that your brand is the first one that springs to mind when people are thinking of a business in your industry. A great way of doing this is by using smart numbers.

Smart numbers for freecall and more

Humans are great a remembering words as we can associate the work with a concept in our minds. Numbers are a little different; we struggle to remember strings of numbers as we have no way of associate them with something we can relate to. This is where smart numbers shine, providing a way of creating a phone number that springs to mind and puts businesses at an advantage.

Smart numbers: Most wanted

Did you know that since smart numbers have been around, there has been a huge amount of smart numbers registered and auctioned? But what’s a smart number you might ask? A smart number is anything that is either freecall (so a 1800 number is considered a smart number) or a local call number (so numbers like 13 and 1300 numbers are also smart numbers). If you’re a business that’s looking for a unique and awesome way to start to push your business forward then you need to consider something like a smart number.

The smart number a hassle free way to provide an updated and more streamlined option for your clients to get in touch with you, and as you’ll soon see, are a very popular way for businesses to get ahead. For smart numbers visit Zintel, who are among the leaders on providing excellent smart number choices for your business.

Since the inception of smart numbers, 1300 numbers have proven to be exceptionally popular, with heaps being registered every year. 1300 numbers amounted for 67% of all smart numbers auctioned and sold, with approximately 33,500 being auctioned or sold since 2004. This was followed by 1800 numbers which had 14,800 numbers auctioned or sold, and 13 numbers came after that with 1,150 auctioned or sold.

1800 Smart Number
photo credit: Leo Reynolds

A valuable business asset

The most expensive smart number auctioned to date was 13 TAXI which auctioned for just over $1 million in 2004! Smart numbers like 1300 BLINDS have sold for huge amounts, and smart numbers with numeric patterns have gone for the big bucks too. But why are people paying so much money for a number?

The reason is pretty obvious when you look at it. Apart from the fact that if you can remember it you’re more likely to call it, the memorability actually adds to the marketability of the advertising and creates a better platform for a business to launch off.


When you consider that we’re bombarded with a huge amount of content every day as people, the fact that a simple change to a couple of digits in a marketing tool can drive business is pretty amazing for a company. Try the strategy of a smart number for your business and wait and see how you can see the difference in your business. Not only is it an awesome strategy, but it’s going to look super cool printed on your business cards too!