6 Strategies to Optimize Your Local Knowledge Panel in Google Search

You might not even be sure what a “local knowledge panel in Google search” even means or why you are reading this article. We can assure you, this is a term you will want to know. Why? Because it is a technique that will increase results for your brand.

Local knowledge panel of Disnelyand Paris
Disneyland Paris local knowledge panel in Google search

The following items will help you get your knowledge panel listed in Google search, which will help potential users know exactly what your site and business have to offer.

1. Great Profile Photo

Pick a great profile photo for your G+ Mybusiness Page. Try to use a nice local shot of your store front or business street view.

Including a few cool photo images can give your business extra attention and improve the response on your Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This directly affects your ranking as well because it reinforces the validity of your company. Google can relate your snapshots with street view and will add more value to such authentic and unique images.

2. Accurate Pin Location

This refers to your company’s pin location, which shows a street level view of everything in the surrounding area. Its accuracy is an important element in optimizing the local knowledge panel. Here is how: Login to your Google+ MyBusiness account and click in Edit then zoom in on the map listing to see the PIN on the map in your dashboard.

If your business is a local, walk-in establishment, make sure the pin is properly placed right in front of your door where people will walk in, not your parking lot or the other side of the street.

Google Maps pin
photo credit: Lars Plougmann

3. Complete Business Information

Make sure every single field in your dashboard is filled with your business information from location to image, hours of operation and payment types you accept. Don’t leave anything unanswered. The more complete the dashboard, the more the ranking is elevated and tightened.

4. Post Often on Google+ MyBusiness and engage Fans

Engage your audience with informational posts, which should also increase your audience at the same time. If you are paying attention to the variety of opportunities to extend and expand, you will be able to hit the crest of the wave.

Informational posts are not all about your company. Although they can include company highlights from recent press and promotions, they should also provide readers with information that pertains to them. Keep your community on the leading edge and they will return to your site.

8-bit Google+ logo
photo credit: Graham Smith

5. Post Current Reviews

Get a few reviews each month. Assuming you have at least a few clients, it is important that they post their feedback regarding their impression of your products or services. Never pay for reviews, as that will come back to haunt you in the long run.

Find ways to encourage customers who are pleased to leave online reviews. No coercion, just ask them to permanently address their enthusiasm in writing. The more frequent you can keep new online reviews coming, the better the ranking. Google will begin to notice your “authority” in your field. Respond to poor reviews as well as good ones. Do not leave reviews unanswered. Reviews are most valued by Google and aggressively monitored. The key is to do it naturally and collect them slowly.

6. Google’s Business View

If your business is in a category that relies on public perception, such as restaurants, hotels, spas, hospitals, then add Google’s Business View. Basically, the business view gives readers a 360 degree interior street view of your business. Remember, the Knowledge Panel is more visual than a regular listing and is possibly more effective than internet advertising, as it looks authoritative and as though it has Google’s validation.

So, if you have a show room or people shop at your store front then take advantage of Google’s Business View. Google certified photographers have the know-how and knowledge to do that for your business. You can find them in your area by searching here.


Now, if you haven’t seen any evidence that the Knowledge Panel is working for you, remember there is often a six- to twelve-week delay between your most recent update and the time Google notices. If you still haven’t seen anything after that length of time, then reinforce your actions with a heavy-handed citation campaign, which is sure to attract more attention from Google and increase the overall results.