5 Ways to Brand Your Company Offline

In today’s marketing world, one of the best ways to expand your business is by building a strong brand. When people hear your company name, you want them to instantly know what it is you do and who you are.

While many marketing techniques have shifted to the online world – websites, social media, etc. – it is still important to build your brand in the real world. If you are looking for some ways to do this, we have some tips to get you started.

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photo credit: Hakan Dahlstrom

1. Create a Logo

One thing you want to do is create a unique logo. This is the image that will become attached to your company for a long time, so you want it to be something that is simple, unique, and eye-catching.

Most of us don’t necessarily have the eye for this, so it’s not a bad idea to hire some professional designers. You can tell them what you are looking for, and they’ll come back with some samples that you can choose from.

2. Slogan

Along with a good logo, you want a phrase that people associate with your brand. Examples of popular slogans are Walmart’s “Save Money. Live Better” and IMAX’s “Think Big.” Both of these are simple and easy to remember. They also accurately describe what the business is about.

Take some time to think up a good slogan. It probably won’t come to you right away, and that’s okay. Just keep brainstorming ideas until you find something you like.

3. Print Ads

Now that you have a logo and a slogan to go along with your company, you want to start marketing them. One traditional way to do this is either with print ads – like a flier or a newspaper ad – or on a billboard. A billboard will probably cost you a bit more money, but think about all the people who will drive by it on their way to work.

Without even realizing it, your brand name, logo and slogan will all be working their way into potential customer’s memories.

custom apparel
photo credit: Link Humans UK

4. Apparel

Another way to use your new slogan and logo is to give out apparel. Clothing that either your customers or your employees can wear is essentially a walking advertisement. If you make the clothing attractive, people will want to wear it, and it can start conversations about your brand.

You can give out some t-shirts at your next event, or give them all out to your employees. The more clothing options you can come up with, the better. If you are looking for a place to get apparel made, consider going to ShirtsAndSweatshirts.com for some great options.

5. Other Materials

Besides clothing, there are a ton of things you can spread your brand with. Think of all of those pens you have lying around from a local bank. You may not even use that bank, but you know about them and think about them every time you pick up that pen. If enough people do this, it is bound to bring in some more customers.

Think of everyday items that people use around their homes, and find a way to get your brand on it.


Begin spreading your brand as soon as you can to set yourself up for long term success. Many of these things may not pay off immediate dividends, but are more suited for the long game. The goal isn’t to give away a pen in hopes that you get a customer, it’s to make your company name well-known for many years to come.