Oracle Big Data SQL Ingenious Move Bridges Database with Hadoop and NoSQL

When the guys at Oracle’s Redwood Headquarters speak, everyone in database management has to sit up and listen. With the next frontier in data management taking the shape of big data, it is understandable then that Oracle’s Big Data SQL had to prick every DBA’s interest.

The new SQL based software offers a new approach by helping streamline data movement from Oracle with Hadoop and NoSQL frameworks. On the surface, this announcement might seem insignificant, until you consider Hadoop’s growing impact in data technology to appreciate Oracle’s strategic thinking.

Oracle Big Data SQL with Hadoop and NoSQL

Brief Overview of Oracle Big Data SQL

Big Data SQL from Oracle is able to query any type of structured and unstructured data, while at the same time extending security and encryption over Hadoop and NoSQl data. The data company is among the giants leveraging Structured Query Language (SQL) capabilities that have been honed by experts, including American National Standards Institute (ANSI) among others.

This database runs on Oracle’s Big Data Appliance and seamlessly plays with the company’s exadata database machine. The major idea behind Oracle’s comprehensive approach to data management is to leverage large volumes of data stored in Apache Hadoop, relational and NoSQL databases.

With this single move, Oracle enables your business to get a deeper, richer and more valuable view of business opportunities by breaking down these silos of data. In essence, this new approach helps you tackle these challenges:

  • Managing integration of data silos in multiple databases.

  • Acquiring skills or experts to handle Hadoop. Truth be told, Hadoop programmers are hard to come by and they don’t come cheap.

  • Security threats during data transit from multiple databases.

Oracle Big Data SQL enables you to leverage the data you have with the remote DBA services you are already using thus cutting costs and improving business efficiency.

But that’s not all; this big data solution also offers you:

  • Enhanced performance: Oracle SQL enables you to run complex queries to get better insights from the data you have by reading trends and acting on the same.

  • Fast access to data: By relying on the proven Exadata technology, your business optimizes data through lightning-access, which translates to better ROI in the modern real-time business environment.

  • Enhanced data security through Oracle renowned encryption features for data redaction and privilege analysis.

  • Data integration: Managing your data silos is easier as Oracle Big Data SQL enables integration with existing enterprise architectures.

Industry experts posit that by optimizing Oracle’s Smart Scan on Hadoop query processes you cut the amount of data by 99%. Less data moved means more speed because the system only brings relevant data to the end user from Hadoop’s storage level.

What’s more, with meaningful analysis of your data, you get more value from your investment. With this new approach, you can now maximize on the wealth of data in your possession. Ultimately, you will save a lot of money in the process, and isn’t this what every business owner is after?