5 Driving Experience Ideas for your Next Corporate Event

Want to spice up your corporate get-together event? Try driving experiences. Those are great for bringing your team closer together, as well as rewarding your team members for their great performance.

If you are looking for ideas, our friends at U Drive Cars offers 5 great ideas for fun but challenging driving experiences you should try for your next get-together event:

Lamborghini Gallardo driving experience

1. Supercar driving

Fancy driving a fast car? How about a Lamborghini Gallardo, Porche 911 or Ferrari 360? Offering your team members a chance to drive a supercar will be a thrilling experience for the whole company.

This is one of the best routes you can take for celebrating a successful year or for rewarding your top team members for their hard work in achieving the company goals.

2. Rally car driving

Want to try something a different car driving experience? Rally driving experiences can offer you just that. Drive a rally car and do a power slide on mud or gravel like a pro.

And yes – you are on the wheel for this one. Make sure you don’t slide to much on the tight corners!

3. 4×4 off roading

Forget the race track. Take things up a notch: Drive a Land Rover – even a Hummer – off road.

The tough, slippery slopes, drops and mud holes look intimidating at first, but once you are on it, you will soon realize that it’s a whole new adrenaline-pumping experience that is unforgettable.

Monster truck driving

4. Monster truck driving

If tanks doesn’t suit your taste, try monster truck driving. Those huge wheels look intimidating, and rightly so – because in a monster truck driving experience, you will drive the monster truck and go straight to a stack of old cars – and wreck them to bits as you trample over them for a mission of total destruction.

5. Military tank driving

Okay – firing at buildings is not included in this driving experience, but the whole idea of driving a real tank is already exhilarting.

You can experience activities ranging from tank maneuvering across the hills to crushing a car with your tank (yes – seriously!)

So, there you go – 5 driving experiences you should consider trying for your next corporate event. There are, of course, other driving experiences, such as go karting, stock car racing, Segway racing, hovercraft rallying, and so on. However, those I recommend above are – in my opinion – more epic than the rest.

With that said, your opinion counts – have you ever organised or participated in driving experiences? If so, please share your favourite activity with us!