Project Management: The Perks of Working in an Agile Shop

The agile methodology in association with project management is all about embracing change. Its flexible platform supports the dynamic nature of industry as well as all the ups and downs that can occur in a single project. As the agile method becomes increasingly popular, more and more project managers simply refuse to go back to the old methods that can be fraught with error. If you are a project manager, there are some decided perks to working in an agile shop.

The Agile Approach: What Is It?

Chron describes the agile approach to project management as doing “away with the idea of developing a project in sequential pieces.” Instead, the project team basically creates complete project versions that can be “tweaked.” While the agile approach may seem like a new buzzword or trend, it has staying power because of its effectiveness and because so many teams find its platform flexible and easy to work with.

Scrum diagram - agile project management

Many groups across various industries find the agile method integral to their work. From a digital agency in Melbourne to a IT firm in New York City, the agile methodology works for many industries and project teams taxed to deliver sound work in an ever-changing environment.

Agile Communication

One of the most popular aspects of the agile methodology is its focus on communication and collaboration, two essential components of the 21st century work paradigm. Agile project groups have to participate–it’s built into the platform. According to, the Scrum method of agile “concentrates particularly on how to manage tasks within a team-based development environment.” It’s during Scrum sessions that tweaks to the project can be made based upon the team’s interactive approach to project management and development.

The Feeling of Empowerment

Many project managers and their teams enjoy the agile experience because it leaves them empowered to make the decisions they need to in order to move the project along in a successful direction. When team members have complete ownership of their part in the process, they are more invested in the project’s success. Their responsibilities to the project are clear, so they understand their role and what’s individually expected of them.

One Step at a Time

Another benefit of working on an agile team is that is that work is done incrementally through “bite-sized” tasks. This method allows for the group and each member to more easily stay on track. Even though there is a fixed schedule–an expected completion date–the team has the freedom to shift gears if need be to complete increments of the project.

Working in increments allows for fewer big errors and increased flexibility. Businesses like it because it works out to be more cost effective than many other styles of project management.

Scrum board for agile management

The Agile Project Manager

While many project teams enjoy the agile process, project managers tend to love this methodology because it really allows them to provide the facilitation and foster the collaboration that is part of their skill sets. The agile process needs a strong project manager to makes sure its tenets are adhered to.

Project managers that embrace the agile methodology of project management enjoy the process more because they are less focused on controlling it. They simply foster the process and the team works together to achieve the successful outcome.

Get Agile

If you are a project manager, you are already likely aware of the agile method as well as more traditional methods. However, if you are not an agile pro, you should consider investigating this style of project management, which is moving to the forefront of the industry at a rapid pace. If you find that the fixed requirement of traditional project management approaches are limiting, you might enjoy the flexibility that the agile approach offers.

You might also want to embrace the agile method if you’re tired of projects that get mired down and take months to complete. One of the key benefits of the agile approach is that it allows teams to complete projects far more quickly than other methods do to the intense focus on feedback and communication. Nothing can be ignored for long during the agile process, and this is why the process moves more quickly; items must be addressed, and so problems get solved.

You can learn more about the agile process as it applies to various industries. Not only do project managers enjoy this style, many creative marketing teams also find the approach conducive to their successful project completion. If you’re a project manager, now might be the best time for you to explore agile and adopt it its methodologies for your next major project.