You Should Use Recycled Promotional Items: Here’s Why

If you don’t have a plan to go green today, you’d better start as soon as possible. It doesn’t have to be grand – you can start with what your business usually do. Like your promotional efforts, for example.

We can’t deny the fact that your marketing materials, promotional items, and branding initiatives are what people will use to learn about your business – and eventually hire or buy from you.

But what going green has got to do with your promotional campaigns? Here are some backgrounds to give you some ideas.

An eco-friendly highlighter pen


Did you know that going green means so much more to your clients, partners and customers than ever before?

A report shows that buyers are increasingly evaluating businesses based on their energy consumption, emissions generation, and other green metrics. Not only that, another report adds that an increasing number of investors are considering how businesses are dealing with the environmental risks before they make their investment decisions.

Those two trends – of many green trends – show you that going green is good for the environment… and for your business.

Your promotional items matter more than you think

Your giveaways – the promotional pens and other swags – are still effective today in getting your brand on top of your potential clients and partners’ mind. With that said, the quality of the promotional products, as well as the message you are trying to convey with them, matter – perhaps more that you think.

An article from the New York Times mentions that promotional items are powerful in triggering buying decision – but only if you do it right: You need to convey your marketing message clearly and differentiate your company from the rest.

So, what should you choose in term of the type of promotional items?

Sustainable promotional items: Ideas

So, in response to the green trends and the importance of your promotional items, it’s only logical for you to embed the sustainability story in your promotional items.

So, what are the available options right now?

Recycled promotional pens and pencils

Recycled promotional pens

The materials of your promotional pens and pencils make a great story to tell to the recipients. A simple “did you know that this pencils are made of recycled paper?” question can instantly relate your brand with sustainability, or even better, spark a conversation.

Suppliers like The Pen Warehouse offers choices of recycled promotional items that can be branded with your custom artwork. Choices include pens and pencils made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled plastic, recycled paper and FSC wood.

Recycled bags

Environmentally friendly promotional bags
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Bags are great promotional items, especially for expos. If you are getting your hands full with swags, a bag can be handy. Your company-branded bag means that the recipients are carrying your brand everywhere they go. Add the sustainability factor to your bags will enforce your brand message.

Garden kits

Garden kit promotional item
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Grow-your-own-plant kit is increasingly popular, and a good choice as a promotional item, especially when your business is in the gardening niches. Please bear in mind that garden kits are often not that portable to carry around.

Biodegradable accessories

My Eco Can Biodegradable travel mug
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Biodegradable mugs, key rings, and other items can also be a good choice in your going green campaign – and pretty much like recycled pens and pencils, biodegradable accessories can spark interest and conversation.


Embedding sustainability policies to your business has become a necessity, rather than a recommendation. If you have taken action, good for you. However, if you haven’t, make it a priority this 2015 – starting from your choice of promotional items.

A word of caution: Be sure that you walk the talk. It’s no use that you are branding your company as a sustainable company when you are not adopting green practices in your office and business process. Doing so ca backfire, damaging your brand and impacting your sales.

And yes, customers and partners will find out about it, and if your ‘wrong-doing’ hits social media, your business is doomed. So, again, make sure that you walk the talk.