How to Turn your Flair for Art in to a Work from Home Business

If you love to doodle and draw or indulge in some art form like calligraphy, watercolors, painting or even embroidery and sewing for that matter, you can turn that in to a lucrative business opportunity. Here’s how:

Painting artist on the work

Practice and believe in your art

Most people believe that artists are constantly struggling and have a hard time turning art into a career. The fact is you must believe in your artistic ability and diligently practice your art. Several drawings will probably result in one perfect illustration. This is precisely why you must practice and strive to become the best so as to produce art that will make heads turn.

Think about creating products by putting your works on them

If you doodle put those doodles on diaries, coasters, bookmarks, magnets! If you do calligraphy you can make custom stamps and do commissioned hand lettering. As a graphic designer you can create posters and even narrow down to creating logos for small businesses. As an illustrator you could create customized illustrated books for couples about how they met, their proposal, wedding, etc. These are just some ideas to get you thinking about creating “Products”.

Starfish Delight - Pink - Sea Critter Gift Sets
photo credit: Dollops of Sunshine

Constantly apply your art and reinvent it

As a watercolor artist you could paint but the key lies in reinvention. Turn your watercolors in to fabric prints? Think about putting art on items of day to day use. That is what I mean by constant application and reinventing.

Start Small

While art can be a lucrative business, you need to remember that not everyone wants to spend on it. That is why when you begin turning art in to products, start small. Don’t come up with 50 items. 2-3 good products are enough to begin with.

Get the word around

Today, you have access to visual platforms like Pinterest to get the word around. Other places to make your mark are a Facebook page, a Twitter Profile or Flickr. If you cannot afford a website then create a squeeze page with your contact information and a summary of the services you provide.

Painter on the job

Teach art

Teaching art is another way of turning art in to a business opportunity. Teaching others what you do best is one way of marketing your talent. Use YouTube to create tutorials and teach people around the globe.

Nothing is impossible if you are committed to making it work. Stay true to your artistic pursuits and with sincerity and hard work, an established art business could be well within your reach.