4 Awesome Money-Making Ideas For Stay Home Mums

Staying at home while your children are growing up is a dream for many, however for some it is simply unachievable due to the strain it puts on family finances. However, with some quality research and planning, you can find ways to gain some supplementary income without giving up the time you spend with your kids.

Stay home mom running an online business

Here are four great money-making ideas for stay at home mums.

1. Do a Clear-Out

Online shopping has become an immensely popular way of buying and selling almost everything that you could possibly think of. This makes it a great way to sell all the items you have laying around that you no longer use! Sites such as eBay are perfect for getting rid of clothes, appliances, tools and any toys that the kids have grown out of.

You’d be surprised just how much extra money you can gain by selling your unwanted items online. If you have a PayPal account with eBay, the funds you earn will contribute to the balance, so you’ll never have to use your credit card to shop online again.

2. Get Crafty

From jewellery and hair accessories to hand-made cards and other crafts, if you’re creative minded there is a wealth of opportunity for the sale of quality boutique goods. People are increasingly looking for gifts and products that are unique, rather than mass-produced commercial items.

Whether you choose to sell at markets, school fairs or even create an online page, it can be an interesting and fun way to make money while doing something that you enjoy. Let your artistic flair guide you, the possibilities are truly endless.

Personalized craft business

3. Delicious Delights

If you love nothing more than the satisfaction of baking the neighbourhood’s best brownies, why not share it with the whole community! Many local markets and produce meets have sections for home-made cooking stalls, as long as you have certain health and safety procedures in place in your home kitchen.

From small scale to serious production, there are plenty of chances for the keen cook to earn some extra income.

4. Novelty Fun

Another fun way to make some extra money is to design custom T-shirts, stickers, cards and more. Whether you prefer funny slogans, cute quotes or maybe inspiring messages, there’s no limit to what you can create.

There are many other occupations you can explore while still staying at home. Hosting product parties, being an at-home telemarketer for sales companies, or even folding and distributing pamphlets can all be viable ways to make extra money while at home.

These are, however, more results orientated and can be a significant cause of stress. Being your own boss and focusing on crafts, cooking or selling your existing items is a more enjoyable proposition than a purely outcomes based occupation.