Bring your Business Process Management to the Cloud: Comindware Process

When managing business operations in a mid- to large-size company, one issue that many of such corporations can’t deal with efficiently: Processes.

Business processes need to be completed to accomplish organisational goals, and in order to do so in the most efficient and effective ways, you need to manage them properly.

hands exhibiting the cloud computing symbol

Enter business process management (BPM)

BPM lets you look into the processes and control them in such a way that they will be executed flawlessly. The end results expected is a more nimble and cost-efficient company.

With that said, you need tools to help executing your BPM plans, which bring you to a decision to make: Which tools, and how you should provision them.

Things to consider

Before you make any decision on the BPM tools, you need to consider several things:

  • Are the tools integrated?
  • Are the tools compatible with other tools used in the company’s IT?
  • Are the tools provisioned on-premise or in the cloud?
  • Are the tools easy to use and quick to setup?
  • How about the collaboration among team members across departments?

There are so much complexity in determining the BPM tools, and it’s recommended that you choose the ones that approach your operations and address your needs holistically.

Enter Comindware Process

Comindware, a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise-grade Work Management Solutions, has recently launched the next-gen Business Process Management Software (BPMS.)  An integral part of Comindware’s Business Operations Management Suite, Comindware Process is the logical answer to your organizational needs.

There are two main reasons why the software is the answer: It’s quick to deploy, easy to use and integrated with others applications – both out-of-the-box solutions and custom applications.

As Cominware Process runs on powerful and secure Cominware Platform, it is only natural for the application to connect with other applications that run on the same platform flawlessly.

What Comindware Process can offer you

BPMN modelling and automation

Comindware Process takes care of the entire BPM lifecycle, from business process modelling to business process analysis – and automate the whole process.

BPMN modeling and automation with Comindware Process

Setting up only require minimal coding: Using Business Process Model Notation (BPMN) 2.0, what you need to do is to drag and drop the right process, set it up, and everything else ‘under the hood’ – i.e. Resource allocation and logical connectivity – is automatically provisioned.

End-to-end value chain process modeling

Using Enterprise Architecture Modeling, you can see all of your company’s operations from a birds-eye-view – and take the right action on them.

Enterprise Architecture Modeling - Comindware Process

Integrate Process with Project Management

Built upon the same platform, Comindware Process is natively integrated with Cominware Project and Comindware Tracker.  That enables you to create end-to-end scenarios for your processes, such as product development, supply chain management, and order-to-cash.

Contextually collaborate with team members

You don’t have to setup your social collaboration using other tools: You have them seamlessly integrated within the Comindware Platform, namely Cominware Team Network.

Social collaboration tool - Comindware Process

Cominware Team Network allows you do various collaboration activities, such as document sharing and contextual business activity communications. All uploaded information is available as a company-wide knowledge base.


Your BPMS can be accessed via any devices – tablet, phone, or ultra-book – your choice.

On- or off-premise

Comindware Process is a cloud-based software – it’s a secure, scalable and reliable BPM software.  However, just like any other Comindware-built software, you can choose for it to be deployed on-premise.


When you decide on BMPS, I suggest for you to consider the compatibility of the software with your other business iT software and the ability to easily adapt to changes in the process.  Cominware Process can answer such needs.

I recommend for you to try the application and find out whether the software can fill your company’s needs.