How to Boost Closing Rates by 30 Percent

Boosting your closing rates simply by gaining more insights about your prospects.

To most experienced salespeople, a 30% improvement might seem like a pipe dream, but keep reading and you’ll soon learn that it’s possible to achieve that by knowing what your prospects do with your sales letters and business proposals.

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As you might have already knew, today’s email open rates is approximately 15-20 percent. Yes, it has seen better days.

Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur and social media expert who owns and operates Wine Library says that back in 1996, his email marketing campaign’s open rate is 80%. Nearly two decades later, the figure drops to a measly 20 percent, and all of us should expect that the figure will continue to drop in the near future.

Gary Vaynerchuk on declining email open rates

However, as email marketing still matters to all client-based business, we need to find a way to go beyond the stats. Fortunately, there are still ways to do so.

You see, the traditionally accepted “good” 15 – 20% open rates that you and your team look for when sending out email blasts really don’t offer any data about whether the people opening your emails are truly engaged or not.

Here’s the big question: What would happen if you can get the engagement data of your email campaigns?

I don’t know what about you, but to me, engagement is everything, and knowing your prospects’ response to your email can give you better insight on what you should do next in your future email blasts.

When you have decided that you should go for engagement optimization in order to get the most of your campaigns (read: better closing rates), you need a tool to do that.

I have found a tool, Tilkee, that can help you track your leads’ engagement – in the cloud. Here’s a brief about the SaaS tool.

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Tilkee – in brief

There is one reason why so many of Tilkee’s clients are seeing massive increases in their closing rates: Their cloud-based sales software takes lead tracking beyond unreliable “open rate” and “click through rate” data your company would typically get from other reports.

Tilkee best practices

Tilkee tells you what your prospect does from the second they open your email until the second it’s closed:

  • How long your prospect spent reading each page of the attached documents you sent them.
  • How long they spent watching your video presentation.
  • What files they did or did not choose to download.
  • You and your team are alerted immediately when that big juicy lead you’ve been cultivating opens your most recent proposal.
  • Tilkee’s dedicated “PrediTilk” algorithm tells you how viable each proposal recipient is, with a proven 92% accuracy.
  • This SaaS sales tool gives you all the data you need in real-time, while offering 100% integration with whatever CRM you and your team currently use.

The PrediTilk predictor is the real gem offered by this sales-boosting software. None of their competitors can offer a 92% accurate prediction about your ability to close a prospect based on the tracking data from your proposals – none.

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Getting Started With Tilkee’s SaaS

It’s time to stop guessing what your prospect is thinking when they open your messages. Relying on open rates, then guessing your ability to close a lead solely based on notoriously unreliable industry average statistics is a thing of the past.

Tilkee tells you whether you caught the reader’s interest, what about your proposal engaged them most, and then takes the guesswork out of whether a followup is worth your time or not with their proprietary predictive algorithm.

With their current clientele, Tilkee has proven their software service worthy of attention, with 12 – 40% more contracts signed using their software and its powerful, yet simple features.

That means on average, you and your company can expect a 24% more likelihood of getting the sale just by using this white label lead reporting and nurturing tool!

It’s as easy as signing up and gaining access to all the tools they offer.