Tonight’s Main Event – Creative Ideas for Corporate Events

Whether you want to impress clients, raise your company’s profile or simply boost the morale of your staff, hosting a corporate event might just be the best way to improve your company’s productivity and customer outreach. There are all kinds of ways you can go about and boost your business.

Employees at a corporate event

Attracting new clients

If the aim of your event is to attract new business, why not host a meet and greet with some of your key potential clients and most dynamic employees? Make sure you invite the right people if you’re trying to attract and increase revenue.

Online community members such as bloggers and PR specialists are number one on your guest list, since this kind of platform will give your business exposure. The more creative you can be the better.

If you work with clients or large customer audiences, why not make a short feature film about what your company has to offer, what your goals are and how you can engage their audiences? Ask each team within your organisation to create a short vignette, where they tell the client exactly what they do, and perhaps even film some cutaways from your most innovative meetings (think storyboards and creative brainstorming sessions.)

Be sure to include personal touches too, ask your employees to finish on something they love to do in their spare time or the most amazing place they have visited. This will encourage client networking and make your brand more relatable and memorable.

Meeting new client at a business networking event
photo credit: wandnphotography / Flickr

Rewarding your employees

If you’re looking to reward your employees, why not hold a themed activity such as a casino night or music festival? Do your homework and view several venues before you commit. It’s a great opportunity to show support for the local community in and around your business too.

Try advertising for local bands to come and play and plan team building activities to help keep your staff entertained throughout the day. This is also a good opportunity to invite the families of your employees too and show them that you really value family time.

The ‘small things’ matter

Consider generator hire for the duration of your event. This will help to keep the event running long into the night (if you wish it to). Generators are perfect for remote sites and locations and you can lower your businesses carbon footprint at the same time. Opt for a generator with an optimised engine management system. This will help maximise power output whilst minimising fuel consumption and emissions.

Remember you don’t have to have big budgets to make meet ups and events as dynamic and morale boosting as possible. Try shaking up the usual format to create more of a ‘workshop’ type meeting style. Planning meetings outside of the office help employees feel that they can be honest, in a safe, open and creative space out with the office environment.