Entrepreneurship is Not for Everyone – is it for you?

Over the past 5-10 years, we’ve seen a large career shift as more and more individuals begin taking the leap on their own as entrepreneurs. Today’s technology makes it possible to connect and work with those around us in ways we’ve never been able to before. We’re no longer trapped by the confines of an office and the new career possibilities at our disposal are endless.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I love seeing aspiring entrepreneurs just starting out take the same step that I took years ago.

The feeling is invigorating…

Waking up every morning excited to do work that you love, that you’re passionate about, that makes a difference!!!

Much like becoming a school teacher, doctor, or any other profession, becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Many like the idea of being one looking in, but actually living it everyday is another story.

This raises the all important question: Is entrepreneurship for you?

Does this kid has entrepreneurial tendencies?

1. Entrepreneurial Tendencies

If you talked to a group of successful entrepreneurs and asked: “When did you get started as an entrepreneur?”, you’d get a multitude of answers. What all of these responses would share though is a common theme.

They all share natural entrepreneurial tendencies (maybe they started a business at a young age, have always been creative, great at sales, etc).

I knew I held these tendencies ever since I started my very first business as a child. My ability to sell came naturally.

If you have these entrepreneurial tendencies as well, you’ll know.

With flocks of individuals all vying to be successful as entrepreneurs, it’s important we take a look at the mindset of one.

White, sandy beach

2. Work Ethic

Contrary to misled beliefs, most entrepreneurs don’t sip margaritas on the beach while only working an hour a day (at least not until they’ve truly made it). Their “mindset” is quite different.

To them, work is a 24/7 process. This doesn’t mean working non-stop, it simply means not looking at work in terms of clocked hours.

“Entrepreneurs would rather work more hours for themselves than less for someone else.” Becoming one isn’t a trade for less hours, it’s a trade for more control and freedom. With this freedom comes serious responsibility.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme either.

Entrepreneurship is a long term process that involves sacrifice, years of dedication, and a love for the work you do.

When I built my first substantial business online in the health & fitness industry, it took months before we began seeing any revenue. The time leading up to this was spent behind my computer screen for 16+ hours a day hustling.

This hustle, drive, and work ethic is what separates you from the pack.

“Work like there is someone working twenty-four hours a day to take it all away from you.” – Mark Cuban

Take this quote to heart, because there is someone trying to.

Countryside road

3. Perseverance

Along the long winding road to entrepreneurial success, having “thick skin” is a trait you certainly must carry. This will vary in degree, but you need to accept the fact that not everyone will like your ideas, products/services, or your business itself.

As an employee, you can hide in the corner. As an entrepreneur, you’re the one standing on stage with a microphone in front of the audience (potential customers). It’s your job put your ideas out in the world and let the market respond however they choose to.

You will face setbacks, harsh criticism, and roadblocks a long the way. Those who can improve their craft while overcoming these obstacles are the ones who turn out to be successful.

If you possess entrepreneurial tendencies, have the work ethic, and are willing to persevere in your endeavors, entrepreneurship may definitely be the right path for you.

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