Upcoming Advanced Technologies for Modern Businesses

From security cameras to cloud computing, technology is a crucial part of business. There are many ways technology can improve your business; it keeps you competitive, efficient, organized, and successful. With technology constantly advancing, it can be tough to stay on top of emerging trends and new technologies. As a business owner, you should do your best to stay in-the-know about any and all new technologies that could potentially improve your business.

Businessman working with a tablet PC

Here are few new technologies that may benefit your company:

Cut Landfill Waste with Recyclable Thermoset Plastics

If your business is manufacturing, you may benefit from recyclable thermoset plastics. These plastics can be melted down and reshaped, and according to WeForum.org, they comprise “everything from children’s toys to lavatory seats,” and “Because they can be melted down and reshaped, thermoplastics are generally recyclable.”

Staying Organized with Management Software Programs

Advanced computer technology is not just for large applications with industrial PC systems. It can be for small businesses too. You need to stay competitive and organized to run a successful business, which requires dedicated managemen​t software​. For example, a real estate business would benefit from property management software, but a construction business would most benefit from project management software.

Management software programs allow business owners to eliminate paperwork, which can get overwhelming and disorganized. Moreover, it provides a single solution for customer service management, employee management, marketing applications, and more.

Financial software on a laptop

Improve the Hiring Process with Resume Solutions

The hiring process can be incredibly frustrating. How do you manage all the candidates? And, how do you know they’re telling the truth on their resumes? Comparing resumes can be equally difficult, especially when you’re weighing the pros and cons of individual candidates. Resume apps are the solution to these pesky human resource issues.

Moreover, resume apps allow you to record details during an interview. Remember who is who and what a person was like post-interview can be difficult, especially when you’re interviewing multiple applicants. Resume apps allow you to keep your potential employees organized and sorted, so you can quickly navigate their profiles and sort them by their skills.

Resume apps also improve communication, as emails, social media networks, and other communication methods can be integrated into an interviewee’s profile. These additions to the program make it a remarkable asset to businesses large and small.

More Balanced and Higher-Power Tablets

In terms of business, tablets have a lot of known benefits such as increased mobility, voice programs, remote email, and the ability to create and edit documents on a smaller device. These are especially beneficial to salespeople who need to record data over mobile networks while they’re on the road. In the past, buyers had a tough decision when purchasing tablets: do you choose increased portability or increased power? Newer tablets are releasing as more balanced than ever, and many are 2-in-1 PCs, which can be interchanged with peripherals to perform more complicated tasks.

The Apple iPad Pro is expected to release in the fall of 2015, and will be the largest tablet Apple’s released to-date. According to TechRadar.com, it’s expected the new tablet will feature “simultaneous multi-tasking,” which means it will be able to operate two apps side-by-side, an invaluable feature for businesses.

Business Intelligence Software

As a business owner, it is important for you to stay in control of the information your customers are receiving. In order to do this, you should take advantage of business intelligence software, such as infotainment products from Kontron.com. These products include computer-on-modules, embedded motherboards, point-of-sale solutions, and so much more that’s intended to broadcast your company’s messages in an entertaining and informative way.

Advanced business intelligence software allows you to monitor all activities pertaining to your business, so you can catch it all in a glimpse and also control what you’re putting out. This can help make your job much more effective and allows you to see where you are succeeding and what needs more work. All-in-all, it’s yet another fantastic way emerging technologies are improving business.