The Real Game of Life: Your Career (Infographic)

If you ever played the old boardgame, The Game of Life, you probably remember the space on the game board that gives you the option to either go to college or get a job. Some of the job cards are only available to players who went to college, and the higher salaries often go along with those cards. While this is just a game, it is actually quite relevant to the actual “game” of life with a choice that we will all face in our lives. If you choose to go to college, you can open doors and increase options for employment that will be fulfilling and lucrative.

The Game of Life - infographic

This infographic is a great representation of the Game of Life for your career: From choosing your undergraduate major, you will learn that you will need to take on several key factors that you need to do to move forward to the next step, which include taking training programs, networking, and studying for an MBA degree. The goal: The coveted CEO position, only attainable by the most best ones.

Source: UMD MBA Degree Online

Education is more important than ever

In most industries, education is more important than ever before and employers require higher degrees for candidates applying for positions. An MBA degree can increase your salary by up to $30,000 annually over a bachelor’s degree in business. You can also look at the option of obtaining a UMB MBA degree online if you want to continue working while you pursue an advanced education.

While the schooling costs to obtain a master’s degree might seem overwhelming, the increased earning opportunities make it worth the investment and time it will take to complete the degree.

The game of life worth playing

After you complete an MBA degree, you can enjoy a higher growth rate in job opportunities over the next few years. The mean annual wage for a CEO comes in at $178,400, but the competition for these positions is tough. When you obtain further education and learn as much as you possibly can about the business world, potential employers appreciate the extra time and effort put in and are more likely to offer you the position.

Every person entering the workforce has options when it comes to education versus going straight into a job, but higher education has consistently proven to pay off in the long run.


The Game of Life for your career is quite a challenging one. Competition for the coveted executive jobs is getting tougher and tougher. You need something that gives you an edge over your competitors, and higher education is one of the ways that can offer you just that.

Take a higher education. It’s a wise investment.