The Magnificent World of Dedicated Servers

There are many different types of servers out there: VPS, free, shared, co-located, cloud-web hosted, and many others as well. Each comes with its own shares of pros and cons, being targeted as specific segments such as “start-up companies”, “small enterprises”, “growing businesses”, “large businesses”, and so on.

Some, for example, offer you the bare skeletal structure required to put yourself on the web, while others give complete authority and absolute flexibility when it comes to deciding how you come across on the web. In this world of servers, there’s one that clearly emerges as the winner in terms of maximum services – so let’s take a look at dedicated servers and what they can do for YOUR business.

IT engineer working in a server room

Why should you consider using dedicated servers?

Are you one of those people who needs absolute control over every element on their web page? Perhaps you are concerned about the traffic to your website, and how the server handles it?

Maybe you need some help because the bandwidth is so low it actually makes your site crash frequently? Or perhaps you simply do not want the hassle of managing your website and have to manually make backups when a hosting service could do that just as easily, or even better for you? If the answer to any (or all) of the above is a resounding “YES”, then a dedicated server is just the perfect fit for you.

Benefits of using Dedicated Hosting Servers

1. Controllability

You have the ability to take full control of your website. With the help of control panels and advanced admin tools, website owners and managers can have complete access to their website and manage every aspect of it. Hostgator dedicated servers, for example, offer an incredible amount of control, customization, and installation facilities, with both Windows and Linux based control panels, having features like WebMatrix and Plesk control panels, etc. Not only do they help design, customize and publish websites, they also help you manage your email with WebMail access, inbuilt auto-responders, etc.

2. Customer Services and Automated Backups

You have the option of choosing a managed hosting service which can give you features such as 24/7 customer services, as well as automated backups (to save you from a complicated DIY) and error detection for automatic fixes. Online communities, video tutorials, phone and chat-based support, are just some features. Some hosting websites also provide back-up power generators to further reduce the chances of downtime.

Dedicated servers in the server room

3. Bandwidth and Network

You have greater bandwidth and networking speeds, considering that the website to server ratio is maintained at a strict 1:1 ratio here. That means having to not worry about downtime thanks to excessive traffic directed towards either your or some other business’s website. Also, considering that many hosts also provide packages to upgrade your bandwidth, upload limits, and RAM, there’s greater flexibility when it comes to hosting your website on a dedicated server.

4. Security and Scalability

You have access to better security, greater scalability, and complete customizability of your website. The security of using dedicated bare metal servers comes from a) not having to share space with any other website on the same server, b) additional security protocols provided by hosting servers. Because there are multiple layers of network security, password protected directories, and security which is IPSec Policy compliant and guaranteed by Windows Firewall, both your clients and your data can be completely safe.

5. Network and Customization

You have the option of choosing from a wide network of servers across the world with the help of dedicated servers. Moreover, the top of the line network feature helps provide freedom with fully redundant networks. In terms of WebMatrix features, a few dedicated servers also provide built-in, mobile-ready templates and lightweight, cloud connected platforms to provide a far more user-friendly and accessible interface to better connect businesses to their website.