Discover Speedwapp: An Innovative Website Creation Platform

We have an opportunity to preview a web creation tool, Speedwapp, that we think will become one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use, and time-saving tools for business people and website developers.  Read on.

Speedwapp is a web based application which aims to simplify the way to create websites by transforming code editing into an entirely interactive task. It’s a WYSIWYG website creation tool that can be used by web developers as well as entrepreneurs who can turn their website projects into life using customizable templates.


Why Speedwapp matters to your business

The web is in constant evolution. Speedwapp aims to contribute to this progress by bringing an innovative approach to website creation. As mentioned above, the platform is a WYSIWYG tool, which means that every change you make via the visual tool will be reflected as-is on the final, live version of the website.

From the beginning to the end, building websites becomes a more efficient task for developers who will spend less time coding interfaces while focusing on the more complex or specific aspects. Not only that, for boostrappers, this platform offers a way to design your own business website from start to finish easily, without touching a single line of code – making it a non-coder-friendly platform that actually cut your website development costs significantly.

Here’s a sneak peek:

A glimpse on how Speedwapp functions

You can create an account and connect to the back office interface which is a real working studio were you shape and your website. You can choose to go from scratch and start from a blank page or just select a template between those available on the platform.

The studio is divided into 4 major parts: the UI Library, the canvas (working space), the toolbar and the CSS proprieties panel.

The UI library is located at the left side of the screen. Here, you can find any kind of web component required to build a dynamic website. Just choose the ones you need and drag them to the canvas which is the space where your web pages are prototyped. At the right side of the screen is the CSS proprieties panel which can be used to customize all the aspects of the design. This proprieties are complementary to those available in the toolbar located above the canvas.

To put it briefly, you can build your interfaces by adding and arranging components on the canvas or by just selecting a building template. Then you can customize the result interactively without touching a single line of CSS code.

SpeedWapp screenshot

Try Speedwapp – plus a contest

The platform is still in development, though some of its features are already available. The first version of Speedwapp will be officially launched on October 8th.

To continue the development of the app, while being more accurate about users need, Speedwapp is organizing a survey which is a contest at the same time. You can discover the project more and give your feedback or features suggestions which will be taken into account by the development staff. Many rewards are to be won, including a one year free access to the platform at launch and $500.