Mozello Review: A Really Easy Platform for Creating a Website

Mozello is an easy-to-use platform for creating an online presence. It allows for personal and business blog creation and editing, which is nice. However, the platform really shines when it comes to creating an ecommerce store, and all the features needed to promote products and services, such as implementing shopping carts, accepting online payments, creating coupon codes, and offering multiple delivery options.

This awesome platform makes it easy to build a website that meets all yours and your customer’s needs, while also being much more affordable than platforms like Shopify that offer the same features, while arguably not offering the same level of customer service and care. This review is based on my personal experience using the Mozello platform — make sure to do your own research and read plenty of other reviews before using the service.

Mozello homepage screenshot

Without further adieu, here are the reasons you should create your website or online store with Mozello:

All-in-one service

It’s nice to have all your domain registration, hosting, and content management system all contained in one platform. It was once recommended that webmasters kept all these elements separate, to protect against your registrar from stealing a domain (Ie., domain hijacking). This is no longer a concern, as ICANN rules are in place to protect you, in addition to doing research on the services you use prior to signing an agreement.

Mozello gives you everything you need, front to back, to get your blog or ecommerce store up and running, and takes care of all the maintenance associated with safe, secure, and reliable CMS functionality and server maintenance.

To put cherry on top, Mozello also offer their insights on everything related to online business and website creation. You can find useful content on how to grow your online business & create a successful website from Mozello’s blog.

Mobile support

Mozello mobile support mockup

Websites built and hosted on the Mozello platform are mobile-ready out of the box. This is a must in this day and age, and any service provider of this kind has no right being in business if they don’t offer mobile support. I’ll also add that the interface could easily be used from your mobile device with regard to managing your site, which sets it apart from platforms like WordPress that have so much going on in their editor, it’s virtually impossible to view on a small device.

Endless layout choices

Layout choices screenshot

The layout editor is one of a kind. Many of you might be WordPress fan. The problem with free WordPress platforms is you end up having to pay in the end anyway if you want to create something non-generic or highly complex. Even paid WordPress platforms like Genesis force you to pay for their themes and color and layout options are often limited from one theme to the next. Users are often stuck wistfully dreaming of how one theme looks, and being disappointed that another theme they hate offers the customization they’re truly looking for.

Then you have to pay for monthly hosting and yearly domain registration. The layout editor offered by Mozello is quite amazing honestly. Everything is literally click and shoot. What I mean is that you pick a starting them that has the layout, look, and feel you want — then you can change every single element of the site to make it like no other site on the Internet.

Banner size, overlay, shading, colors and color schemes, button hover, hyperlinks, and everything else are all included in one simple menu.

On this platform, the layout editor allows you to choose as many images you’d like to display, and the specific ratio they’re displayed in choosing images and other elements and categorizing them is super easy. If you’ve tried other site building platforms, you know how difficult and even impossible to do these things.

One more thing: You don’t need to use Google to figure out how to edit code or hire a designer just to create and format a banner. It literally takes less than a half hour to get a site up and running and looking just the way you want it to.

Ecommerce functionality

Mozello ecommerce site example

Setting up an ecommerce store and all the elements needed to run a successful online store are really easy. Again, click and shoot functionality. Mozello claims you can get an online store up and running in 20 minutes or less, but that’s going to be unrealistic for most of you out there.

Still, it’s easy to add in all the elements needed to run an online store, such as creating and accepting coupon codes, adding a shopping cart with full service payment processing (you’ll need a processing provider or bank for this). Powerful marketing and SEO solutions are also provided free of charge, allowing you to rank at the top of the search engines easier than you ever thought possible.

Ecommerce catalog editor screenshot

Another great feature is the ability to add multiple delivery options to your cart, and create catalogs on your ecomm site seamlessly. A last option, that I thought was really cool was the multi-language support.

Customer support

The customer support is great, with an entire page of links telling you just how to make your site super successful. Every question a user might have is addressed in the FAQ section, including how to use the editor, how to set up your ecommerce store, getting your site picked up by the search engines, and tips and tricks for creating content that gets eyes on it.

You can also email them for support if needed, and turnaround time has always been great.

The best: You can create a store for free on Mozello (but Premium Plans are even more epic!)

If your needs are currently small, or you simply need to build trust before laying your money down, Mozello allows you a small account for free, presumably forever. For the price of giving them your email and setting up an account, you can choose from all their themes and get full functionality in the editor.

You can build a blog on a Mozello sub-domain, with 0.5 gigs of available storage, or an ecommerce site with 10 items or less for sale (you can only offer PayPal payments with Free option). A small Mozello link is also shown, but once your site starts to grow, you can upgrade to their Premium or Premium Plus plan, lose the link, get free domain registration, get unlimited storage, allow multiple payment options, and sell as many items as you want (Mozello doesn’t charge commission on any of their plans).

Price list

Plan Breakdown:

  • Free plan: This is Mozello’s introductory plan, to take the platform for a test drive and see how everything works. This is a subdomain, mind you, so it’s not ideal for long term branding and you’ll find you’ll want to upgrade sooner rather than later.
  • Premium plan: Premium is a must for serious small to medium-sized businesses looking to up their online game. This is a personalized domain, without any Mozello branding and you can accept PayPal payments on up to 30 items sold on your site.
  • Premium plus: Premium plus is for growth minded store owners who want all the storage and selling power they can handle. Plus allows for unlimited storage, and you can sell as many items as you want on your site. You’re also not limited to PayPal payments, as it supports all payment gateways. Plus gives you more marketing power, with the ability to create online coupons in minutes, – for all advanced e-commerce features, like payment processing, coupons and many other features.

*Domain registration and hosting are all included for free with each plan.

Considering you can give it a trial run for free (this never expires if you choose) and how easy and inexpensive it is to use (Premium Plus is only $14 a month as of this writing), there’s really no reason not to give Mozello a shot. Consider that most decent hosting plans charge more for this, and it’s actually cheaper to use this platform than any other option, with amazing functionality to boot.