6 Tips to Staying Healthy When you Work From Home

6 Tips to Staying Healthy When you Work From Home

Home based business owners or entrepreneurs don’t ever have to leave the house in order to earn a living. While it certainly has it perks to be able to work in the home, it can create some health complications if you’re not careful. From the surplus of edible temptations in the kitchen to sitting for long periods of time, there are a lot of health risks entrepreneurs face.

Making your health a top priority as a business owner is not only important for your well-being, but is essential for the success of your business. While you may have read articles about improving employee health increases productivity, but the same goes for you.

Work at home productive and stay healthy

If you haven’t been doing much to maintain good health, try these tips listed below:

Create a Real Home Office

It can be pretty tempting to sit on the bed or hunched over on the couch as you work from your laptop, but that could be detrimental to your health. Poor ergonomics can essentially lead to risks that include back pains, joint pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, diabetes, heart disease and more. By creating a space that is specifically made for you to work in, you’re helping to improve your health.

You can start by investing in quality office furniture allows you to work comfortably and avoid the health risks. Shop around for ergonomic office equipments, and opt for the ones that offer great value for money.

Get Up and Walk Around Frequently

Though you could probably spend all day at the computer handling business tasks, sitting for too long is never good. Get your blood flowing and allow your muscles to stretch by getting up and walking around frequently. Set a timer so that you get up every two hours or so just to shake off the effects of sitting.

It’s also a good idea to step outside and get some fresh air as it’s pretty easy to be trapped in the house all day when you work from home.

Set Limits

Entrepreneurs are known to be “jacks of all trades”, especially in the beginning stages of their business. You’re trying to do so much in the course of a day that eventually time gets away from you.

Don’t get so wrapped up in making your business a success that you forget to take a break sometimes. Set limits and try to stick to them. Many entrepreneurs do this by setting business hours. This gives them a clear indication on a start and stop time.

You need time to relax and recharge and working from sun up to sun down is not the way to do it.

Healthy eating

Eat Right

It can be easy to run in the kitchen and grab a snack or make a meal when you’re working from home, but you want to be mindful of what you’re giving your body as fuel. Eating sweets and processed food can quickly cause health issues.

If you expect to get through a good day of work without losing energy you need to provide the right fuel.  Stock your pantry with healthy snacks and meals that are quick to grab but good for your health.

Recognize Stress

Executive burnout is a very real condition that entrepreneurs deal with and can be even more common for work from home individuals who start spending nearly 24 hours in the same place all week; it is essentially the feeling of being overworked and stressed out. It is important to be in tune with your body so that you recognize problems right away.

If you feel yourself getting stressed out, take a step back from the work and try to unwind. Getting a massage can be a great way to relax and relieve stress whether it is at a spa or simply in your own home. Looking for ideas? Search the web and look for info from reputable websites and online vendors. For example,  Massagetableoutlet.com, an online vendor for massage products, gives a great informational piece on the many benefits of getting a massage, including improving mental health.

Get Out and Socialize

Keeping on the topic of “mental health” , working from home can be a little depressing at times. Since you’re in the house for a better part of the day by yourself, it’s good to get out and mingle with others. Attend a networking event, call up some old friends and meet for lunch, or simply head to a store and do some shopping. Whatever you can do to be around others is a great way to keep any depressing feelings about being alone at bay.

Your business is only as successful as you are. If you’re not at your best health it hinders your ability to get work done effectively. Working from home certainly has its conveniences, but those conveniences can also cause health complications if you’re not proactive. Follow these simple health tips as a way to stay on top of your game every second of the day.

Tara Miller

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