How Would Virtual Assistants Help your Small Business?

One of the most common dilemmas among the SME owners is whether or not to hire virtual assistants. As a small-scale businessman, you might have this tendency to look after every aspect of your business yourself, but one thing you must remember – eventually, it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to handle everything in your business and you would obviously need helping hands. It’s because when you have to look after even the minor aspects of your enterprise, you lose out on time and attention required for the major aspects.

Busy businessman

Here are the signs that one needs to hire a VA for small business:

  • You have already blown up a great business deal just because you failed to follow the deadline.
  • Your business development is on a compromised level given the absence of updated clients and prospect database.
  • You are working till midnight and even on weekends to fulfill routine administrative duties.
  • You are eager to focus on exciting deals, but losing on time due to too much of mundane business tasks.
  • You are getting no time to think out creative inputs given that you are too busy with routine works.

If your feelings align with the points mentioned above, then it’s time for you to hire individual virtual assistants or those from a company like 247 virtual assistants who will work for you round the clock.

The virtual assistant could be one single individual for you or a squad of assistants from a virtual assistant company – depending on the number of services you have to be assisted in. They are highly skilled pros who offer a wide range of support services for your business virtually or remotely.

Assistance in numerous fields

Virtual assistants can help you in numerous ways:

  • They can assist you with administrative tasks like company email management, handling of appointments, management of business correspondence, data entry and bookkeeping.
  • They would also help you to run your marketing campaigns and would also track their success for you. Marketing here implies both traditional print and telemarketing, as well as the latest online marketing – including SEO, PPC or social media marketing.
  • There are virtual assistants to help business owners with website designing and administration.
  • They would also act as your dedicated and knowledgeable client care representatives who handle all the customer queries so that you can freely focus on business development and creative inputs.

Virtual assistant

Specialized pros

The virtual assistants are specialized professionals and hence, you can be assured of a valued and premium skill set here. They have dealt with multiple clients and done different tasks – with different requirements and schedules; you can expect your VAs to be at least well-versed in project management and communication – both are real assets in building a team-based business.

Budget-friendly for SMEs

It’s always economical to hire VAs instead of getting your own in-house assistants. It’s because with VAs, you won’t have to worry about the typical expenses like employee-related benefits, perks and insurance. Moreover, you will only need to pay only for the service that you require, which makes it even budget-friendlier.


Due to the nature of their job, which includes dealing with multiple clients who have multiple needs, VAs tend to have a well-rounded skills and experience. Available to you often at a fraction of the costs required to maintain full-time employees, VAs should be one of your most important assets.

What’s required to do on your part is to hire the right VAs that well-represent your business and brands. Do your due diligence and you’ll be glad that hiring VAs is in your business plan.